Is this a Thrush?


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Is this a Thrush?

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This cute little chap flew onto my fence yesterday and I can't identify it. It looks like the young Thrush but the beak seems to be that of a finch or similar.

Is it a Thrush and why the short beak?

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  • This is exactly what I did, I checked the preview and the photo was there so don't know where it went???

  • Did you click the "post" button ?  Sometimes it's below the bottom of your screen.

  • Well done we can see it now. It's a very, very young Greenfinch. You can still see the down sticking out. I looks a bit startled to be in the big wide world.

  • Blimey! I thought I knew my British birds! Never have guessed at a Greenfinch but then I did say the beak is of a finch!

  • Here's a young Greenfinch more developed than yours with adult above. The massive bill is the giveaway in my opinion plus the stripey breast. I reckon yours is fresh out of the nest with not many proper feathers.

    Hope I haven't made a silly mistake.

  • Good comparison TJ. Thanks.CC