Is this a female Green Woodpecker?


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Is this a female Green Woodpecker?

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It's been in the garden for over 3 hours, lol 

We used to have a problem with ants until this bird came along... :) 

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  • Yes its female

    males have a red flash in the black moustache

  • Hi

    I think it female as the males have red in the black area that looks like a moustache.


  • Hi sugar

    you were too quick for me ss.


  • Lovely visitor, will definately keep the ants down

  • What a lovely bird! I haven't seen one for years.

  • Funnily enough I've been getting regular visits from a female too. It certainly gave my lawn a good working over even during the snow.

    Nice birds to see. I love that first pic. Such a classic pose - always on the alert from danger above.

  • Great photo`s Mellisa, what a lovely girl you have there.

  • Beautiful - we get so many ants in our garden in summer - could do with one of those hanging around but I've never managed to see one yet!

  • Great photos, Melissa.  It's years since I've seen a Green Woodpecker.