Here it is


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).
Identify this

Here it is

  • Yes, it's a female Blackbird.

    Incidentally, you didn't need to start a new thread. You could have just added it to the original one. You could either click on the little pencil icon and edit your first post or click on the "use rich formatting" adjacent to any reply button and go from there.

  • Thanks for that. I am a silver surfer making progress.

  • What a lovely photo of your lady blackbird, Richard.

    You will soon get used to the forum and the way it works - and you are in good company - plenty of us silver surfers on here!

  • Dickydad
    I am a silver surfer making progress.

    Me too. The forum isn't the easiest place to navigate. To help newcomers I did a Forum map which you can access here.

    If you download the file contained in the post you will get a map that looks like this. Click to enlarge.

  • All this talk of silver surfers is discriminating against us baldy surfers

    I have a hat with rabbits on it because from a distance they look like hares

    Nice photo by the way -----  I'll get my coat