What are these?


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What are these?

  • Are these redpoll on my nyger seeds?? I was taking a photo of the goldfinch and saw the other birds but not sure what they are.


  • I would say the one on the left is a linnet.

  • ooh, or maybe redpoll, now I've looked at google!!!!???

  • I thought maybe a male and female redpoll though I have never seen them before!! I live in Preston Lancashire and not sure we get linnets here

  • They are Lesser Redpolls. Male on the left and probably female on the right. Nice little finches which I only see in the winter.

  • I did take this in late January. I was just looking at some photos and realised there were birds here I had never even noticed before! I was mainly taking photos of the many goldfinches that were on the feeder at the time. So pleased to say I have now seen yet another type of bird!! I am new to birding and love seeing these different ones

  • I think they are redpolls - I got a lot of them on my nyger seed in the winter (I live in notts).  They disappeared in the spring but the odd one or two come back when the weather is bad.  Here are a couple of mine for you to compare:

  • Wow what a great photo! This winter I will be looking out for them and I will try to get  a proper photo of them too. Thank you all for your help.