Speckled bird - is it a skylark???


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Speckled bird - is it a skylark???

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Saw this bird this morning near Goole sat on top of a signboard - I think the red on the underside of the bird is actually reflection of the red paint on the top of the sign, rather than the bird itself.

But it has quite a distinctive white ring round the eye with a dark horizontal line running through it, which I wasn't aware Skylarks had..

Would be great to get a positive ID on this.


Andy C




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  • To me the beak looks a bit long for a Skylark and the wings seem wrong,maybe Meadow Pipit.

  • bob's_retired_now
    I have been known to be wrong though,

    You and me both Bob,I find it much harder from photos than in the field,sort of get the feeling or "jizz"of the bird in real life and that seems to help.

  • Hi guys-

    it's a Mipit  :)



  • Folks - thanks for the quick confirmation - greatly apprecaited.

    Andy C