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  • Forum Thread: Identification help

    Red-footed falcon 5th may The bird about the size of a hobby or kestrel flew over the housing estate in Evesham. The flight was fast and direct and appeared to dive as it was lost from view. Not sure what it is RBA thought it was 'ok' for RF falcon but weren't 100% as the legs look yellower...
  • Forum Thread: Bird of Prey but what is it, can you help

    I saw this bird flying around and it came to rest on trees at the back of my house. I am not a bird expert but looks like a bird of prey, any help with identifying it? Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Bird of Prey identification?

    Can someone please identify this Bird of Prey. For size comparison the dead bird it's stood on is a common pigeon.
  • Forum Thread: Baritone bird of prey

    Morning, Just in case this is easy for any of you out there... A few days ago, sitting in a meadow at around 1,000m (close to the three lakes region of Switzerland) we were overflown by a mystery (for us) bird of prey. He/she flew over our heads at around 15-20m and glided across the fields away from...
  • Forum Thread: Need help with this bird of prey

    This bird has been at my feeder for two days now, had one of my greenfinches for breakfast this morning, can you help identify it, and is there any way I can deter it from eating the small birds at feeder. Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Please help Identify this Bird.

    This Bird was sitting in the trees behind my garden, watching the smaller birds feed. It sat for a good few minutes (long enough for me to take the photo). I thought it may be a Buzzard, but I cannot find any pictures like it, especially with that striking white collar and throat stripe. I live in Fife...
  • Forum Thread: Merlin or Hobby May Be?

    At about 6 pm last night I looked out at my back garden and watched, for about half an hour, a small bird of prey eating a small bird it had caught. Unfortunately no camera was available for me to take a picture - flash would have made it fly off - but it had a dark possibly brown back and wings with...
  • Forum Thread: Question 2 of 3 - Identify a bird of prey based on no information whatsoever

    My second question for the day... Out recently at a local nature reserve, we were very excited to see - what for us was - a new bird of prey. We're used to seeing many birds of prey close up, but the only thing we're any good at identifying are kites, particularly since red kites hang around...
  • Forum Thread: Hen Harrier?

    Saw what I identified as a Hen Harrier this afternoon, at Stocks Golf Club outside Albury, Herts. From a distance it looked like a pigeon, but it was unmistakeably a bird of prey, with a hooked beak. Thoughts?
  • Forum Thread: Falcons in London's Barbican?

    Does anyone know if there are a pair of Peregrin Falcons frequenting the very tall tower blocks around the Barbican, London? I am sure they are but I also know that there are a pair nesting on the OXO Tower and don't know if it's the same pair, or a different pair. I work opposite the tower blocks...
  • Forum Thread: sparrowhawk?

    took this photo last november, think it is a sparrow hawk , maybe a peregrine, could someone please confirm which, many thanks .
  • Forum Thread: Buzzard?

    Hello, Was in the Lake District on Monday 25th and we saw what we thought were buzzards flying around. One looked like it may have been being chased by two others. I took a couple of pictures and when looked at 100% am not sure if it is a buzzard or not. Is this a buzzard?
  • Forum Thread: Help Identify this bird of prey!

    I'm in Edinburgh at the mo and last night in my partner's mum's garden, near woodland and a river I heard strange calls piercing the middle of the night from the tallest tree. They lasted quite a while and it seemed there was only one bird making them. The next day I heard them again during...
  • Forum Thread: Buzzard or Hawk???

    Can any of you please help me ientify these raptors. I took the photos in northern Spain a couple of weeks ago, on 6 October 2011. I was in the area south of the Picos de Europa on my way to the Rioja region. We spotted at least 4 of these birds all in the same area, basically out in the middle of nowhere...
  • Forum Thread: Bird of Prey - what was it?

    Yesterday afternoon, I was out for a run along a stretch of river when a bird of prey swooped along the path in front of me - twice. It then sat on a branch over the river and watched me run past. Sadly, no pics, but the description: Its wingspan was that of a herring gull plus about 30 cm! so pretty...
  • Forum Thread: Marsh Harrier????

    I think this a Marsh Harrier, but I'm not sure. I took this photo at Elmley Marshes which is a good place for birds of prey, but could someone please ID it. Thanks.
  • Forum Thread: Bird of prey - Red Kite?

    Anyone help identify this? Thought it was a buzzard but when it flew off it seemed to have a forked tail. Seen flying over farmland near South Coast just south West of Dorchester a few weeks ago. Thanks for your help. Mike
  • Forum Thread: Is this a Osprey ?

    Hi new to this and not sure. took this picture very quick and hence why its not that good a picture. Can some one confirm ? :))
  • Forum Reply: Re: Please help ID this bird of prey?

    Hi, i would say buzzard as I see quite a lot living in the south of hampshire, although had doubts with the very grey wing.
  • Forum Thread: Possible sighting of Montagu's Harrier in Amersham garden

    Yesterday my husband was watching the activity on our feeders when a a large bird swooped across the window and smacked into one of our tall Irish yews. It landed on the lawn and remained there, very still, long enough for my husband to make a note of its size and colouring. It was medium sized, definitely...
  • Forum Thread: Please help ID this bird of prey?

    I live in the south-side of Glasgow, with farmland and a wooded area nearby. I saw this bird of prey landing in a tree behind my house and then it took off, flying low over the ground. I know the pics are not the best, but I was wondering if anyone could help ID it for me please? Many thanks
  • Forum Thread: ID please

    I was looking at some photos I had taken, when I came across this. There is a bird of prey in the middle, but on the edge is a big bird, which looks a pale grey and has black wingtips, looks like a Hen Harrier to me, or could be Grey Heron. The picture was taken at Elmley Marshes. I will put a picture...