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  • Forum Thread: Bird call identification please

    Can anyone identify this bird call? The bird was very high in the canopy, hidden by leaves. in a woodland near Battle, Sussex. I suspect it's an escapee.
  • Forum Thread: Mealy with a couple of Lesser Redpolls?

    I've very recently been getting five or so Redpolls visiting (West Berkshire). The one on the left looks a little different, is it?! I'd be really happy to have some clarification, thank you :)
  • Forum Thread: Snow track ID

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could ID what has left the odd tracks in the snow in my garden. Pretty straight lines, 1" wide, and each line has a 'step/jump' between them. Central Scotland. Cant find any similar pics on the web! Cheers! Lynsey.
  • Forum Thread: Not sure what this bird is

    Hi! Would anyone be able to identify this bird? It's the first time I have observed it in the garden and cannot find a clear match. Picture attached. Katja
  • Forum Thread: can anyone help identify

    Seen in July, Sorry about the quality of the photo's but I could not get closer
  • Forum Reply: Re: Wood Duck

    oldThingy Yes, they are one of my favourites. There used to be a few pairs on Southampton Common Cemetary Lake and I have seen them on the River Lee (E London) and some other canals around the country. The females, while still very attractive ar not as spectacular as the males. I took this picture...
  • Forum Thread: More From Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve (Pt 2)

    Here's a few more pics I took on Friday at Pagham Harbour. My friend and I walked right down through the reserve until we reached the beach and open sea. This was the Church Norton side of the reserve. To reach the sea via the Pagham Village side was a much longer walk, by several miles. We actually...
  • Forum Thread: Skylark? Stonechat? ... erm.. ID's needed please! :)

    I've always said I'm pretty bad at identifying a lot of birds and the past few days have been no different! My friend and I have been on a couple of lovely walks on the Gower Peninsula this week and, as usual I had my camera ready to photograph whatever birds I could see. I saw lots of lovely...
  • Forum Thread: Blue tits acting strangely!

    Hello all I don't know anything about birds and their behaviour so would really appreciate your help and advice. We are used to seeing many blue tits in our garden, they particularly like our Berberis. Since yesterday afternoon, two blue tit chicks have been pecking on the window pane and flying...
  • Forum Thread: Cuckoos in Herefordshire

    I have never seen a cuckoo before but today we saw 3 when we were out cycling. They were very noisy, and not only the cuckoo sound but a sort of screech as well. I wonder if it was 2 males fighting for a female? They were very unusual looking, a cross between a pigeon and a hawk with quite a long tail...
  • Forum Thread: just before i turned off....along came the redpolls and goldfinches xx

    i was ready to turn off my camera when i noticed these just starting to argue over the Niger feeder so i managed a couple of pics, please remember these are taken with a compact camera so the quality isn`t top notch but still decent i think xxxx
  • Forum Reply: Re: New Singers today :)

    You are very privileged to have marsh tits nearby, they are a declining species which is becoming hard to find in many locations. Well worth reporting via Birdtrack !
  • Forum Thread: What kind of Fish are these?!

    I've been trying to do searches online to find out what kind of fish these are, that I photographed in a wild pond on Saturday, but to no avail! Could someone please put me out of my misery and tell me what they are? Haha. There were literally hundreds of them swimming around a pond in a Wetlands...
  • Forum Thread: another go with my compact cam, cold weather doesn`t seem to be putting these off xx

    i am still waiting for my new camera so in the mean time i take pics with my compact so the quality isn`t always top notch but i still think these are decent enough to recognise what they are xxx
  • Forum Thread: Greetings From Stormy New York City! A couple of ID's needed please! :)

    Hi again. Borrowing my friend Sue's laptop for a few minutes. We are in beautiful New York, staying in our Midtown Manhattan hotel. Had a lovely first day today, wandering around our favourite places in the city. We were supposed to see a Broadway show this evening but it was cancelled, as were most...
  • Forum Reply: Re: lots off finches

    Hello, I'm new to bird watching (and this forum). It's great that you have seen so many Finch's. Today I'm quite confident that I saw appx 5 female Greenfinch's but also saw a much brighter full green / yellow bodied bird with yellow wing tips. In the book I referred to it shows...
  • Forum Thread: ID Please!

    Any idea what this little cutie pie is, who I photographed at Barry Island yesterday? It had such a beautiful song. Sorry the pics are so dark, it was completely in the shade.
  • Forum Reply: Re: MYSTERY MAMMAL QUIZ #8

    Scottish wild cat?
  • Forum Thread: compact cam take2.....nothing exciting i`m afraid :(

  • Forum Thread: Destruction of beautiful wetlands reserve with wonderful and rare birds - we need you to sign our petition to stop it!

    A recent article written by keen birder Frank McClintock..... You may not have heard but unfortunately, the Portuguese government has just given the go-ahead for development totaling 359 hectares all around Salgados (or Pera Marsh as it's known to some), down in the Algarve, an area just as valuable...
  • Forum Thread: Can anybody id these moths?

    Hi all, not sure if anybody on here is any good at identifying moths, but if there is can you have a go at these please, ive tried but with no luck. many thanks.
  • Forum Thread: ID's please! :)

    Hi again. Got back from another Cornwall trip. Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day (for once!) and so my friend and I went for a walk along Towan Headland, Newquay. We spotted various birds, managed to take some pics. I'm not sure what these birds are, could anyone identify them for me, please? ...
  • Forum Thread: compact camera and a real beaut of a goldie pic wahoooo lol

    i have just taken this with my compact, not bad for a beginner hey lol
  • Forum Thread: Bees nesting in bird box

    I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I have a webcam on a bird box on the side of our house. Last year we had blue tits nesting in it and five chicks fledged successfully. Initially the blue tit had a problem with evicting a resident bee! This year, although the blue tits were initially...
  • Forum Thread: what bird of prey could this be

    please can someone help. my mother has seen a brown bird of prey, quite a large bird and she says that on its back it had a white circle mark.. Does anyone know what this could be? many thanks