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  • Forum Thread: What bird is this please?

    Photographed yesterday afternoon, perched on a boat in High Wycombe, a very cold and icy afternoon, the bird was virtually motionless, just moving its head occasionally from side to side. It has a strange bill, turning up at the end. Its plumage is mostly coal colour but with a whitish chest. It is perhaps...
  • Forum Thread: Big Buzzard type bird? Please help identify :)

    I took this photo from quite a way away and then it flew off pretty quickly so I only got two blurry photos... Is it just a buzzard?? Thanks very much & hope you're all having a good Saturday :)
  • Forum Reply: Re: Yellowhammer and Cirl Bunting adult female ID

    Really good tips there S, if anyone fancies going out and putting these tips into practice then maybe a visit down to our Labrador Bay reserve would appeal! The autumn is great time to get out to see them as they are forming flocks in the winter stubble, always a challenge to identify small brown birds...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Little brown bird

    Hello Sparrow. Not sure what the bird could be, although I'm tempted to say a robin but obviously don't know if you saw the front of the bird, so I'm not going to speculate. If you can identify other features such as beak and legs, the following link might be of use. http://www.rspb...
  • Forum Thread: I was somewhat worried to find bumble bees dead in my garden and neighbours also. When I found out that the "bee" in the picture was attacking them, it didn't touch any other honey bees at all, but from watching I noticed it was almost patrollin

  • Forum Thread: Is this a yellowhammer?

    Hi, we live in Northumberland near Rothbury in an area which is farmland. We have a feeder which mainly attracts Rooks however, under the feeder collecting scattered seeds we have seen what we at first thought were canaries, are they yellowhammers?
  • Forum Thread: Can you help me identify this huge bird in my garden? Rhymney valley Wales

  • Forum Thread: ID help please from feathers in next box

    Hi, I built a Little Owl nest box 2 years ago and today I had a peek inside and there has been some activity. Is it possible to identify who has been visiting from the feathers that have been left behind?. The box is very clean inside, no sign of poo, or food remains. Here is the box The box...
  • Forum Thread: Mystery duck

    I saw this duck (the one on the left) amongst a group of Tufted Ducks in a flooded quarry works in Surrey. I'm not sure what it is. is it a male Scaup by chance? But it's head seemed to be brownish.
  • Forum Thread: White Bird - Any Ideas

    I saw this 2nd August lunchtime in Jersey - Sitting on airport fence - Any ideas anyone? Thanks Gf
  • Forum Thread: Can anyone ID this please

    I'm leaning towards Redstank but bill looks too long to m
  • Forum Thread: Bird identification

    Whilst walking round a reservoir recently I saw a bird that I am certain was a Dotterell. Initially, I assumed it was a thrust but it was quite a different shape and did not have the long tail of a thrush. I went home and looked at the RSPB site and identified it immediately. It was near a lot of lapwing...
  • Forum Thread: Can someone please tell me what this noisy bird in my garden is (there are two of them actually!)

    Can someone please tell me what this noisy bird in my garden is (there are two of them actually!) Thank you
  • Forum Thread: Coal tit or Great tit?

    I think this is a coal tit but my friend says Great tit. Can anyone tell me which one it is. Thx
  • Forum Thread: Ok, here's a new visitor to my garden ... anyone any ideas ...

  • Forum Thread: Bird Identification

    Hello again everyone, i know all i seem to be doing is getting identification on birds, but i promise once i have caught up with identifying all the pictures i have taken i'll become a more active member. Okay, i have this picture; This is the best picture, the problem i'm having is...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Pond Invertebrate ID

    Hi ffroglet Good question. Once you start looking into a pond, it's amazing just how much stuff there is in there. I've had a garden pond for the past two years . I love it almost as much as life itself :o) I've got a couple of books which have been useful for identifying pondlife...
  • Forum Thread: What ducks ????

    Here,s a challenge for you all. Great photo dont you think lol. They were gone before I could try to take a better one.Have 2 waders for you as well but will have to post seperately cuz cant work out how to send all together.
  • Forum Thread: What does this skull belong to?

    Hello lovely forum people, I found this mammal skull on a small, uninhabited island in the Outer Hebrides (West Loch Roag). I've done a bit of sniffing around online and I think it is a rabbit skull - and it looked like it had been in a pellet (judging by the amount of grey fluff I pulled off...
  • Forum Thread: Question 2 of 3 - Identify a bird of prey based on no information whatsoever

    My second question for the day... Out recently at a local nature reserve, we were very excited to see - what for us was - a new bird of prey. We're used to seeing many birds of prey close up, but the only thing we're any good at identifying are kites, particularly since red kites hang around...
  • Forum Thread: Sparrowhawk versus Goshawk

    I was recently told this bird that appeared in my garden (on top of a dead pigeon!) was a Sparrowhawk rather than a Goshawk. I found it difficult to tell the difference when consulting a guide. How does one tell that this is definitely a Sparrowhawk? Thanks a lot.
  • Forum Thread: Can you identify this little fella for me please

  • Forum Thread: Is this a Dunnock?

    Hello all, Is this a dunnock? I have one or sometimes two of these which visit the garden, normally in the late afternoon. They always feed on the ground, and stay close to cover. Sorry about the picture quality but my camera seems to be on the blink.
  • Forum Thread: Hen Harrier?

    Saw what I identified as a Hen Harrier this afternoon, at Stocks Golf Club outside Albury, Herts. From a distance it looked like a pigeon, but it was unmistakeably a bird of prey, with a hooked beak. Thoughts?
  • Forum Thread: Proably a stupid question but.......

    While cycling to work this morning I saw a group of female mallards on the canal with what appeared to be a male, but it was completely black with a white this a colour variation or could it be another species of duck ? as i cycle the same route each day I shall attempt to get a picture...