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Homes for Wildlife

Homes for Wildlife
If you love the creatures in your garden, you'll love our Homes for Wildlife project. This is the place to ask and answer questions about making your backyard wildlife-friendly.
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  • Blog Post: Humming hedgerows

    I look for some of my wildlife gardening inspiration from gardens, and some from the countryside – and today was a countryside day. And even if I had been blindfolded, I could have spotted the ‘Wildlife Plant of the Day’ with my ears, it was humming so loudly! It was of course Ivy...
  • Blog Post: Observation observation observation

    As you may have gathered by now, I like to base my gardening for wildlife on observation: there’s nothing I like more than a good old nosey around a garden seeking out which creature is using which plant. And so on Saturday I pootled along to a National Trust garden in Sussex called Nymans to indulge...