help needed re blue tit nesting

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help needed re blue tit nesting

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I havea similar question regarding accipiter's sad post. Lil Mrs Junior is now incubating her eggs ( 6 of) and for a few weeks now we have not seen Mr Junior at all! She is looking bedraggled and I would like to know there anything I can do regarding helping her. I know I shouldn't put food into he box so what's the next best thing that I can do for her. Help please. OR is this normal???.I really feel sorry for her.

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  • thanks Alan. I've a feeding station at the end of the garden and have made sure it's filled with her favourites. Fingers crossed she'll manage to stay healthy and raise her juniorettes!

  • Poor thing, hope she manages to raise some of them. We seem to have list our blue tit family. Built a lovely nest, but only 1 adult seen in the last few days and no nest activity. Only presume something happened to the female. She hadn't laid any eggs yet.

  • How are you separating the male and female?

  • ah poor  mr junior! that's so sad to hear. i think it's is possible to tell them apart, esp if you have a nest cam, firstly by the behavoiur they exhibit- and they have very subtle marking differences-and, well at least with ours, when the viewed through the cam, the male also seems more brightly coloured than the female.  

  • I've seen males duller than females. After having ten in the had I would say that the only physical difference is wing length- males being larger by millimetres. Away from the brightest males I would say that they shouldn't be ID'd on any plumage differences. No marking differences that I am aware of. I can't comment on behaviour.

  • as i said subtle, but your quite right, is is very hard. 

  • I wouldn't say obvious enough to call un the field, plus with wear/fresh plumage differences etc it could change throughout the year.