Nestbox cat problem!!

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Nestbox cat problem!!

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Hiya! It seems there's a new cat in the neighbourhood and I caught it today sat on top of the bird box trying to put its arm inside, grr! It hopped on the top of the fence then jumped down onto the curved lid of the nesting box. Have never had this problem before so unfortunately i've never put anything on the lid to stop a cat climbing on it, though wishing now that I had!! There's blue tits nesting inside at the moment, is there anything I can do to help stop the cat without disturbing the blue tits and scaring them away from the nest? :(

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  • Thanks, that's a good idea!! Worried that all the banging might scare the parent birds off though? :(

  • Hi Laura,

    You don't need to do any banging for the time being. You could just use some double sided sticky tape or even Bluetack as a temporary measure.


    EDIT post crossed with Doggie (as usual!)

  • Thanks, that's a great idea, didnt think of that! :D Are those strips available anywhere in shops, DIY stores, etc? Might be quicker than ordering on Amazon!!

  • Thanks!! Will try B&Q then!

  • I've had two attempts from I think the cat to destroy nest so I have put chicken wire along the shed top and just over the nest box. Looks  a sight but hope it works. I wil also have a look for the black wall spikes. Seems perfect:) even if its for next year .

  • I had blue tits nesting in my birdbox but the nest with unhatched eggs was abandoned after a cat attack (it climbed on top of the nestbox and put its claw through the opening). After this I took the following countermeasures:

    1) I placed a surgical dog collar around the trunk of the tree (bought it for £11 from a vet)

    2) I put anti cat spikes on the roof

    Hopefully this will be sufficient. 


  • All credit to you Firefly on using the dog collar as a barrier deterrent. Ingenious. I do hope it all works!