New birdbath / drinking station

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Homes for Wildlife
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New birdbath / drinking station

  • After getting the idea from  mozziecat  I got an old dustbin lid got it upturned put in some stone , and it's a success ,Everyone seems to like it ,they are queuing up to use it 

    Drinking station

    Bath time

    And even these big boys are getting in on the act!


    and this little fella was making his mind up as to weather he wanted a drink or a bath

    I am pleased with the new birdbath/ drinking station ,and I'm just wondering what I am going to get in there next.

    Regards Mick

  • Tadpoles?

    That's fab Mick.

  • That looks great Mick.  Proving to be very popular!

  • May try this myself


  • Hi Roger, I'm pleased I did, it has brought another dimension to the gardens,anything for a shooting opportunity  LOL

    Regards Mick

  • Well done.

  • Looks really great. I should do the same as they really don't like my china one and the other bath I have they will drink from. It not bath in:(

  • Thats great Mick, something so simple


  • Great photos Mick! That's fantastic news :)

  • Fantastic photos - and another idea for the garden.

    Thanks Mick