Cheeky self service, soggy siskins and robin, and a lot of screeching.

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Homes for Wildlife
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Wildlife in the garden

Cheeky self service, soggy siskins and robin, and a lot of screeching.

  • I put a small dish of soaking mealworms down so I could take a few pics of my little robin. Then look what happened!




    Mrs. Siskin paid a visit (her mate was there too)





    We had just had an almighty thunderstorm when my best friend Robin appeared. He is so cheeky these days he plonks himself next to the back door where he can see me through the glass and flaps his wings at me - exactly like fledglings do when begging from parents. This time he just looked at me with those pleading eyes - see how thoroughly wet through he is!



    and what photoshoot should be without these




  • Smashing photos , Linda.

  • Thanks gentlemen! The robin is a real character. He eats one mealworm then collects two, then flies off to his nest. Within 40 seconds he is back and does the same again. He follows me everywhere and has now even started following Lola the dog! Good luck to him with that! LOL.

  • Fantastic Linda some well caught shots ,Love the Robin ,looks as though it's had streaks put into the chest feathers (it must be a female)  LOL

    Regards Mick

  • Thank you Bob and Mick.

    Bob - We're very posh in this house. We even use a tablecloth when we have special guests! LOL

  • Super pictures Linda. I was only saying this morning that you don't get to wet bird pictures and now you show here just how good they can be.

    Linda this one just blows me away : - 

  • ooo Mrs Buckett with her posh crystal bowl LOL  Seriously Linda they are fabulous photos, you just get better and better. The starling in flight is spot on and your baby robin is a smasher

  • Well done with the photo`s, very good indeed.  

  • Brilliant Linda. Might have guessed the Starlings would be first at the dinner table. They don't wait to be invited do they especially when it's silver service. LOL.  

    Love the bedraggled Robin with its cocked head. Hope he got some mealworms before they were all scoffed.

  • Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    Robin is still with me, and yesterday he was on the back of a garden chair begging as normal - little wings fluttering at me - but he had a big real live juicy worm in his beak! Cheeky beggar!