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  • Forum Thread: Duck help

    Saw a brown duck with a grey/blue bill on the river in Keswick but can't find it in any of the books or online. Just wondering if anyone has an idea what it might be? Didn't get a good photo of it but you can just see it here behind the white bird.
  • Media: bar headed goose at Grange-over-Sands Duck pond May 15, 2014

    Bar headed goose at Grange-over-Sands Duck pond May 15, 2014
  • Media: Duck at Grange-over-Sands Duck pond May 15, 2014

    Duck at Grange-over-Sands Duck pond May 15, 2014
  • Forum Thread: Can Anyone Help ID This Duck?

    Saw these ducks on Derwentwater but I'm a bit of a novice and can't find anything that looks exactly like this in the bird book. If anyone has more expertise could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  • Blog Post: Monday's magic moment: taking a dip

    Bit hot that weekend, wasn't it? Did you take a dip in the sea? Now it wasn't really good weather for ducks this weekend (unless you were at Lord's!), but this female eider was joining thousands of Brits and cooling off in the sea. But you'd expect that from the UK's heaviest...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: now that's a big bill

    We all know that birds don't have teeth but those spiky things in this shoveler 's bill are called lamellae . Shovelers feed by swimming along with their bills (and sometimes their heads) submerged and the lamellae are for filtering small creatures out of the water - a bit like some whales do...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: the final approach

    It's easy to see from this photo where aeroplane designers got their inspiration from. This smart male (drake) eider is coming in to land and using his tail and webbed feet to slow down! Eiders breed around the coasts of Scotland and northern England, but move further afield in winter. During...
  • Forum Thread: The case of the disappearing Mallard

    A mallard duck nested in a planter outside our kitchen window recently. I was very careful to leave her and her 10 eggs undisturbed but I left seed out on the lawn for her and other ducks to feed on. This morning she, and all 10 eggs had vanished without a trace. No blood, eggshell, feathers etc. I didn't...
  • Forum Reply: Re: SlowMo Birding Action Shots

    UPDATE: I've published a few video compilations of my best clips for Swans & Ducks.
  • Forum Thread: Mystery duck

    I saw this duck (the one on the left) amongst a group of Tufted Ducks in a flooded quarry works in Surrey. I'm not sure what it is. is it a male Scaup by chance? But it's head seemed to be brownish.
  • Forum Thread: i have looked but i havnt found any picture with a duck like this

    found on a small lake in a park enjoying the benifits of free bread. same size as the common duck. the feathers on upper back are shinny green
  • Forum Thread: Unidentified duck

    I took this photo on the Grand Union Canal at Bugbrooke, near Northampton on 5th July. I takes a while to stop a narrow boat, and by the time I got the camera out the duck was swimming away, so it is not as clear it might have been. I've looked in all my books and on some websites and I guess it...
  • Forum Thread: ID help please with gull and duck

    Hi Is this first one a first winter Black Headed Gull - the yellow bill threw me a bit? also, is this a manky mallard? it looks a bit androgenous - a female with some male looking marking - do you get anrogenous ducks? could it be leucistic? hope somebody can help me with this...
  • Forum Thread: Please identify this duck/goose

    Hi, This bird was sitting amongst many Canadian Geese at Stanborough Lakes, Hertfordshire. Early October 09.
  • Forum Thread: Proably a stupid question but.......

    While cycling to work this morning I saw a group of female mallards on the canal with what appeared to be a male, but it was completely black with a white breast.......is this a colour variation or could it be another species of duck ? as i cycle the same route each day I shall attempt to get a picture...
  • Forum Thread: Bad-hair-day duck!

    We often see this mallard drake with a strange feathery head and are wondering how it is caused? Any suggestions?
  • Forum Thread: Ducks in garden

    Hi, this is my 1st post, I don`t know if its unusual but we have 3 Mallard ducks that visit our garden every day. 1 female and 2 male . The female has what appears to be its mate while the 3rd just tags along, they all seem to get along ok untill we feed them, the females mate will not allow the other...
  • Forum Thread: Red, white and black duck-goose in flight. Honestly.

    Afternoon everyone, Just got back from a long, leisurely walk along a local canal delighted to have seen our first Kingfisher and admired the Cormorants that the local fishermen hate so much. At one point, a group of four birds flew quite low overhead, twice in close succession. We'd love it...
  • Forum Thread: Small Diving Duck

    Photographed at Hardwick Country Park, Sedgefield, Co Durham. Have been unable to identify any bird with similar white marking. Can anyone help?
  • Forum Reply: Re: Duck ID please?

    A quest! A quest!! They are Gadwall :)) The male has a black rear end, :) S
  • Forum Reply: Unidentified duck another attempt

    Thank you Shane for your suggestion. I still couldn't get the photo inserted. I am now trying a link to another website where I have placed the photo. This was on the Grand Union Canal near Bugbrooke, Northants on 5th July. Any ideas?
  • Forum Thread: Small duck like bird?

    Hi, I saw this bird at JCB lake in Rocester on New Year's Day. Have checked the RSPB identifier and a couple of bird books but can't find it. It's pretty small as can be seen by the mallards next to it in the pic. Any ideas? Also does anyone know of a species list for this place...
  • Forum Thread: Quack Quack - some id's please!

    We had a (wet) family day out today at Thatcham Nature Reserve in Berkshire and it was great. I have had my 'Bird Handbook' out this evening to ID the birds we've seen, but i'm a bit stuck with a few so any help would be much appreciated thanks ... 1. The white duck? 2...
  • Forum Thread: Can anyone identify this duck?

    This duck has been hanging around a local small boat harbour for about a year now, all alone apart from the herring gulls. I see it every weekday. I've looked through various guides but I can't identify it.
  • Forum Thread: unusual drake

    At Westham Bridge Weymouth - adjoining Radipole reserve this morning 24.11.10 midday saw a drake? I couldn't recognise in books - no camera so here goes - mallard size, dark (Black?) Head, chest and upper body/wings, White cheeks and vertical stripes on dark chest, rest of lower body visible above...