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  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: cheeky chappie

    I don't think there's much else I can add to this cute photo of a robin by Mark Sisson except to say that I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas.
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: putting on a display

    I saw this image of a displaying male goldeneye , taken by Graham Eaton, and just had to share it! I feel that it really captures the energy the males put into attracting the ladies! This medium-sized diving duck can be found all over the UK at the moment, lakes and reservoirs are favourite...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: Boxing hares

    Whatever you do this Bank Holiday Monday, we hope you aren't fighting like cats and, err, hares with your loved ones! You can see this photo by Richard Revels and loads of other wildlife action shots and landscape images in our image library .
  • Blog Post: Monday's magic moment: enjoy the show

    With many of us getting ready to let out our best 'oohs' and 'ahhs' at a firework's display tonight, let's not forget that nature can put on a pretty spectacular display, too: Now I've never seen the Northern Lights, but by all accounts it's a mesmerizing experience...
  • Blog Post: Monday's magic moment: go bonkers for conkers

    Looking more like an undulating landscape ready to be conquered by some adventurous explorer, I love this different take on conkers by Sue Kennedy . There are plenty of other seeds and berries for you to see in a new light on RSPB Images .
  • Blog Post: Monday magic moment: frost in close-up

    Some of you further north may have already had a touch of frost this year, but as I went to my car yesterday evening and was forced to get the rough side of my squeegee out to remove the ice, it definitely felt like winter for the first time. This macro image of frost shows us the crystallisation...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: my mum always used to say...

    'Don't talk with your mouth full.' And it's a lesson this fieldfare might want to take note of if he doesn't want to lose his rather juicy-looking berry! Fieldfares are winter visitors to the UK and a very common sight in gardens at the moment - whether you're digging yourself...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: a snack in the snow

    So far I've resisted the charisma of our native birds in my photo selections, but I really like this image. It's probably the contrast between the snow and the husk of the tropical coconut that I find amusing. Here Ray Kennedy does a brilliant job of capturing this great tit looking quizzically...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: lighting up the night

    The moon. Last night it looked particularly amazing - big, bright and low enough in the sky that it seemed as if I only had to stand on tiptoes to reach it. In fact, it looked a little like this beautiful image by David Tipling: There are plenty more images like this over on RSPB Images ...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: all of the colour but none of the bang

    It's gone Bonfire Night and all is quiet. And even though I don't particularly miss all the bangs that go with exploding fireworks, I do miss the amazing show of colours. That's why I really like this image from Chris O'Reilly - it could be the afterglow of a particualrly big firework...
  • Blog Post: Monday's Magic Moment: reflections

    Katie's post on Friday reminded me how beautiful winter can be. And when I saw this gorgeous image of Snowdon by Guy Rogers I just knew I had to share it with you. You can find more stunning winter photos on RSPB Images .