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  • Forum Thread: Yellow Sparrow

    This bird has been around the garden for the past 2 days, always with other Sparrows. It doesn't act or look like a juvenile. What causes this strange colour?
  • Forum Thread: Question 3 of 3 - complete mystery to me...

    And so to my final question for today (I promise). Walking back to the car from seeing our mystery bird of prey (and tons of other things including our first pintail) we looked across the canal to the other bank. First we used binoculars, then a scope. I said 'mistle thrushes' and there...
  • Forum Thread: Help please - What is this?

    Hi, Saw this at the lake in local park (West Midlands). Not sure what it is, and can't see anything likely in my books.
  • Forum Thread: Question 2 of 3 - Identify a bird of prey based on no information whatsoever

    My second question for the day... Out recently at a local nature reserve, we were very excited to see - what for us was - a new bird of prey. We're used to seeing many birds of prey close up, but the only thing we're any good at identifying are kites, particularly since red kites hang around...
  • Forum Thread: Sparrowhawk versus Goshawk

    I was recently told this bird that appeared in my garden (on top of a dead pigeon!) was a Sparrowhawk rather than a Goshawk. I found it difficult to tell the difference when consulting a guide. How does one tell that this is definitely a Sparrowhawk? Thanks a lot.
  • Forum Thread: Hen Harrier?

    Saw what I identified as a Hen Harrier this afternoon, at Stocks Golf Club outside Albury, Herts. From a distance it looked like a pigeon, but it was unmistakeably a bird of prey, with a hooked beak. Thoughts?
  • Forum Thread: Starling from India??

    Hi. Our cousin is working in India at the moment. She sends back lots of bird pics for us to ID, but this one has got us stumped. Anyone good on birds of India??
  • Forum Thread: Crows with white wings

    We live in the north west of Switzerland in a small town of around 3,000 inhabitants with a lot of open, undeveloped space (vinyards, forest, lake, (farmland), ...) Surrounded by tall trees we get a lot of magpies (year round), black kites (spring) and crows (year round). There appears to be a...
  • Forum Thread: Tree Pipit?

    We were ready to give this up as a Meadow Pipit, but looking again, not sure it's not a Tree Pipit. Spotted last night on the heath of the New Forest right on the edge of a dense woodland. What do people think?

    I'm hoping someone can help me identify an owl I found by the side of a field yesterday. It was pure white and not a barn owl. It's wing had been removed and was lying nearby. I returned again this morning to take some pictures and the head has now been removed. There are no rings or feathers...
  • Forum Thread: An unexpected and unknown bird in Crystal Palace

    I was preparing to take a photo in Crystal Palace Park, south London - focussing on the reflections of the clouds in the water. Suddenly, a bird I had not previously noticed rose from just out of the shot and flew across the viewfinder. It was certainly not a common British bird - I pressed the shutter...
  • Forum Thread: Help Identify Scruffy Bird

    Hi, we have this friendly little fellow living in our garden, in a hedge and generally around and under anything when it rains, he really has been this scruffy all winter though he loves bread crumbs, seeds and cake crumbs:-). He will feed off the ground or off the patio table. He holds his own with...
  • Forum Thread: ID Help Please.

    Just got back from a week in the Golden Valley in Herefordshire, it was sheer bliss. Being relatively new to Birding I saw a number of species that I had not seen before, didn't manage to get pics of them all though. One I did manage to photograph, albeit at a great distance hence it's not...
  • Forum Thread: Help!!! Was this really a scarlet rosefinch?

    My usual garden visitors are blue tits, great tits, goldfinches, bramblings, chaffinches, sparrows, dunnocks, robins, blackbirds, greenfinches the occasional longtailed tit and bullfinch. For the first time this year we have been inundated with siskins and today a small finch sized bird with a red...
  • Forum Thread: HELP!!! What birds are these?

    I ran across these birds and I was wondering if anyone could help me identify them. The first one looks very much like a small hawfinch, but its wings are all brown (the white and black parts are below, in the belly near the legs and the tail) and its beak is off-white. For the second one, I have no...
  • Forum Thread: 2 Birds in need of ID.

    Hello... I'm new to this game and know practically nothing about birds. I've spotted a couple of birds in my garden that I initially thought were sparrows (as we have loads of sparrows around, both House and the other one) but I'm not so sure after taking a photo or two. The first one...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Can you identify small bird in wheat field?

    Thanks, guys, especially seymouraves. This was my first visit and post to the RSPB community and I really appreciate your help. FYI the bird was in a field just outside Stockton in Warwickshire on 20th June 2011.