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  • Forum Thread: Weird bird

    Behaves like a robin and will fly to you when digging over garden to get worms and grubs. Has splash of orange on front banded with black. Brown on back and wings with no markings. Underside cream /grey with black flecks at back only. Size bigger than a robin but smaller than a blackbird. Body spherical...
  • Forum Thread: Identification help

    Red-footed falcon 5th may The bird about the size of a hobby or kestrel flew over the housing estate in Evesham. The flight was fast and direct and appeared to dive as it was lost from view. Not sure what it is RBA thought it was 'ok' for RF falcon but weren't 100% as the legs look yellower...
  • Forum Thread: Little Brown Job?

    What bird is this? It popped onto my fence this evening, and I just had time to grab a photo before it flew away. I couldn't find a name with the online identifier.
  • Forum Thread: Bird of Prey but what is it, can you help

    I saw this bird flying around and it came to rest on trees at the back of my house. I am not a bird expert but looks like a bird of prey, any help with identifying it? Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Is this a......Dunnock?

    Hello.......with my hobby of photography I like to use it to learn about what I see and identify any birds. I believe this is a shot of a Dunnock but would appreciate confirmation. It was taken early October. Thank you, JB
  • Forum Thread: Is this a......Chiffchaff?

    Hello.......with my hobby of photography I like to use it to learn about what I see and identify any birds. I believe this is a shot of a Chiffchaff but would appreciate confirmation. It was taken early October with it feeding on berries in a tree. Thank you, JB.
  • Forum Thread: Bird identification help

    Any suggestions what this is?
  • Forum Thread: Can you please identify these birds?

    I was participating in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch when I saw this pair of birds at the end of my garden. They were about 150 feet away from where I was standing. Can you tell me what they are please?
  • Forum Thread: Bird identification? Leucistic Sparrow?

    There are actually two of these colour living with a huge sparrow family in my garden. They were around all spring and I was so happy to see them return again now that autumn is coming. What do you think?
  • Forum Thread: Starling bill colour

    Hi, This last few days, I've noticed at least 3 starlings, amongst the rest, that have bright orange bills. Is this a common thing or just a genetic mutation? I've not seen it before, myself, and they really do stand out from the crowd. Paul
  • Forum Thread: Yellow Sparrow

    This bird has been around the garden for the past 2 days, always with other Sparrows. It doesn't act or look like a juvenile. What causes this strange colour?
  • Forum Thread: Identification from birdsong recording

    I have a recording of a small brown? bird that was singing primarily a string of single notes whilst being bounced around by the wind in the top of a tall contorted willow. The light was such that the bird was only a siloette. It seemed to be about the size of a sparrow, but boy was it loud. If there...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Hoopooe in Woodford

    I would be very surprised if it was a hoopoe but you never know. I once saw one in Spain while playing golf, a very distinctive bird and beautiful to see.
  • Forum Thread: Help please - What is this?

    Hi, Saw this at the lake in local park (West Midlands). Not sure what it is, and can't see anything likely in my books.
  • Forum Thread: Sparrowhawk versus Goshawk

    I was recently told this bird that appeared in my garden (on top of a dead pigeon!) was a Sparrowhawk rather than a Goshawk. I found it difficult to tell the difference when consulting a guide. How does one tell that this is definitely a Sparrowhawk? Thanks a lot.
  • Forum Thread: Hen Harrier?

    Saw what I identified as a Hen Harrier this afternoon, at Stocks Golf Club outside Albury, Herts. From a distance it looked like a pigeon, but it was unmistakeably a bird of prey, with a hooked beak. Thoughts?
  • Forum Thread: Starling from India??

    Hi. Our cousin is working in India at the moment. She sends back lots of bird pics for us to ID, but this one has got us stumped. Anyone good on birds of India??
  • Forum Thread: Small duck like bird?

    Hi, I saw this bird at JCB lake in Rocester on New Year's Day. Have checked the RSPB identifier and a couple of bird books but can't find it. It's pretty small as can be seen by the mallards next to it in the pic. Any ideas? Also does anyone know of a species list for this place...
  • Forum Thread: Tree Pipit?

    We were ready to give this up as a Meadow Pipit, but looking again, not sure it's not a Tree Pipit. Spotted last night on the heath of the New Forest right on the edge of a dense woodland. What do people think?
  • Forum Thread: Nothing matches this bird.

    I have very a noisy bird that has just arrived in my garden that I have never seen before. It has not stopped still long enough to get a photo of it or even to get a good look at it. It is flying around very fast from tree to tree. It is bigger than a black bird but not bigger than...
  • Forum Thread: Help Identify Scruffy Bird

    Hi, we have this friendly little fellow living in our garden, in a hedge and generally around and under anything when it rains, he really has been this scruffy all winter though he loves bread crumbs, seeds and cake crumbs:-). He will feed off the ground or off the patio table. He holds his own with...
  • Forum Thread: HELP!!! What birds are these?

    I ran across these birds and I was wondering if anyone could help me identify them. The first one looks very much like a small hawfinch, but its wings are all brown (the white and black parts are below, in the belly near the legs and the tail) and its beak is off-white. For the second one, I have no...
  • Forum Thread: 2 Birds in need of ID.

    Hello... I'm new to this game and know practically nothing about birds. I've spotted a couple of birds in my garden that I initially thought were sparrows (as we have loads of sparrows around, both House and the other one) but I'm not so sure after taking a photo or two. The first one...