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  • Forum Thread: Bird identification help

    Any suggestions what this is?
  • Forum Thread: Chiffchaff or..?

    Taken along a hedge path at RSPB Cliffe Pools, North Kent, this afternoon. Moments earlier I had heard the call of a chiffchaff, although this bird was quiet. Is it a chiffchaff or something else? Thanks for your help.
  • Forum Thread: Help Please

    Saw this at Minsmere on Saturday Night near to the East Hide, heard it singing and looked in the bush and there it was bold as brass...
  • Forum Thread: is this an albino Starling?

    hi all, i have a new comer to my garden and cant figure out what it is. my friend is telling me it is an albino Starling, but i wanted to see what other people think as we are novices on the bird watching front! I have several other pictures if this one is not helpful, including one of it sitting on...
  • Forum Thread: Crow or raven?

    On a walk recently I saw a large black bird perched at the top of a tree. It was throwing its head back and making a knocking sound or a 'quork' type sound. Was it a raven, or just a particularly big and noisy crow? There are pictures on my linked blog post as files are too large to attach....
  • Forum Thread: Red kite with red and yellow wing markings?

    Hi have just seen what I think is a red kite flying over the garden, however it has red on one wing and yellow on the other, is this common?
  • Forum Thread: Can you please identify these birds?

    I was participating in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch when I saw this pair of birds at the end of my garden. They were about 150 feet away from where I was standing. Can you tell me what they are please?
  • Forum Thread: Unknown Bird

    Can anyone identify this bird photographed on 20.12.2014 in Wick fields by the river Stour between Christchurch and Southbourne. Other birds in the same field were curlews, godwits and herring gulls. Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Unknown Bird of Prey

    I'm not much of a bird watcher, so hopefully someone here can help me identify this bird. Here are some more details: Age: Young - Still has fluff feathers and is still learning to fly Colours: Mostly brown, but has black spots, yellow feet, black claws and a dark beak (Almost a dark grey) Size...
  • Forum Thread: Quick question about Marsh tits

    Morning! A few months ago up in the forest I saw what, for me, was a strange bird. Hanging out with what I took to be Marsh tits in a clearing around 10 meters away was what looked like an all-cream, Marsh-tit-sized bird. The only dark patch I could see on the bird was a strip on the crown of its head;...
  • Forum Thread: Three sounds, one sighting, and one piece of forum advice

    Hello all, Just a quick post to ask for your opinions on the following: 1. In Tuscany in September in the grounds of a property on the border between mixed agricultural land and mature mixed woodland. On several mornings (at around 07.00) I heard 'cat birds' meeowing in the grounds. Short meeows...
  • Forum Thread: Bird identification? Leucistic Sparrow?

    There are actually two of these colour living with a huge sparrow family in my garden. They were around all spring and I was so happy to see them return again now that autumn is coming. What do you think?
  • Forum Thread: Wader ID help needed, please photo No 3

    See previous thread 3. Unidentified birds - again, the bird in profile looks like a curlew sandpiper maybe? - what are the standing birds in this shot? Someone told me golden plover at the hide but I am not sure about that
  • Forum Thread: Wader ID help needed, please photo No 2

    See previous thread 2. Birds in flight - these birds took off almost as soon as the spoonbills touched down. Are they curlew sandpipers?
  • Forum Thread: Wader ID help needed, please

    I am not very experienced at identifying birds. Went to North Norfolk last week and took these photos at Cley next the Sea salt marshes but have had trouble identifying some of them - can anyone help? I don't know how to embed them in the post either but they are attached as follows - 1. Medium...
  • Forum Thread: What owl is this please?

    The owl was photographed by a CCTV camera at a house in southern Brittany at 9am on 1 August 2014. We have seen owls after dusk flying around the house, but it was always too dark to be able to identify them. We have never seen one in daylight. We know that a lot of voles live around the house, which...
  • Forum Thread: Unknown bird

    Sorry for another question again in such a short period of time!!! I photographed this in southern snowdonia, in one of the sheep fields near Harlech. I think it is some kind of lark but I am not sure about it. Thank you in advance!!!!! (:
  • Forum Thread: Bird of prey seen in conifer wood nr Bodmin Cornwall

    Any help gratefully received...
  • Forum Thread: Can you identify this little fella please.

    Hi Everyone can you id this little fledgling, my hubby took this pic. I thought it was a Greenfinch but not sure. Many thanks Pat
  • Forum Thread: Unidentified bird call, low pitch, 7 notes

    I live in Norfolk and there is a lot of farmland and woodland nearby. Today, in the midday sun I heard a song I've never heard before. It was a tune that repeated twice, and then I didn't hear it again. The pitch was low, not terribly varied but not monotone either. It was a series of 7 notes...
  • Forum Thread: My HQ video of some birds, some unknown to me

    Hi, I read that great-tits are not adverse to taking up homes in nest-boxes, I think I have some blue-tits but I'm not sure, check my video out and at the end there's a bird I've never seen before, anyway I hope you enjoy the video, it's all in the best quality I could muster and it's...
  • Forum Thread: Sorry for my ignorance, but any ideas?

    Came across this baby bird in undergrowth in woods in N wales. Odd feathers forming tufts on the top of its head.
  • Forum Thread: Can Anyone Help ID This Duck?

    Saw these ducks on Derwentwater but I'm a bit of a novice and can't find anything that looks exactly like this in the bird book. If anyone has more expertise could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  • Forum Thread: Can anyone identify this bird please?

    There was quite a flock of these birds in the field opposite me. They were feeding on the ground in the grass. Sorry the photo's are not good. I hope they will be back tomorrow. They are about the size of a starling. I would be grateful for any help.
  • Forum Thread: Starling bill colour

    Hi, This last few days, I've noticed at least 3 starlings, amongst the rest, that have bright orange bills. Is this a common thing or just a genetic mutation? I've not seen it before, myself, and they really do stand out from the crowd. Paul