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  • Forum Thread: Is this a Pied Wagtail (2 of 2)

    This is a second of 2 shots of what I suspect to be a Pied Wagtail. This one is a lot more grey in colour and was thinking that it is a juvenile. Hopefully someone can confirm that this is what I suspect. Thank you for your help :) JB
  • Forum Thread: Is this a Pied Wagtail (1 of 2)

    I've got a couple of shots which I think are of a Pied Wagtail but due to a variation in the colouring I was wishing to double check. This one is the first and has darker colouring to it. Is it a juvenile what with it not being truly black and white or the colouring and markings being less well-defined...
  • Forum Thread: Savi's warbler, Reed Warbler, or ...?

    I found this bird singing very intense, but I don't think typically Reed Warbler-like -and the colour is a bit too beige/brown for Reed Warbler, too, isn't it?
  • Forum Thread: Sighting at RSPB Arne (2)

    This posting connects with my other one just created and the photo attached is a lot clearer. It was taken at RSPB Arne in Dorset. Could anyone please confirm the identification
  • Forum Thread: Sighting at RSPB Arne (1)

    I was down at RSPB Arne in Dorset and I took 2 long-distance photos - It occurred to me that the bird in the dark photograph attached to this posting might just be the same bird as in the photo attached to my other post. Its not a great photo but is it clear enough to identify the bird?
  • Forum Thread: Weird bird

    Behaves like a robin and will fly to you when digging over garden to get worms and grubs. Has splash of orange on front banded with black. Brown on back and wings with no markings. Underside cream /grey with black flecks at back only. Size bigger than a robin but smaller than a blackbird. Body spherical...
  • Forum Thread: Bird singing late at night

    Out the back of where I live, late at night there have been two birds calling to one another from about 2200 into the night for the past few days. I live in Southampton near the river/estuary if that helps. I have recorded it and hopefully you can determine what it is from the calls in the recording...
  • Forum Thread: Clicking Bird Song

    I've seen many people asking about a bird which makes a sound like clicking marbles. I have checked through the internet and the bird which does this is almost certainly a Lesser Spotted Warbler. "Bird songs and bird calls - the sounds of UK bird species." Google - www.british-birdsongs...
  • Forum Thread: Identification help

    Red-footed falcon 5th may The bird about the size of a hobby or kestrel flew over the housing estate in Evesham. The flight was fast and direct and appeared to dive as it was lost from view. Not sure what it is RBA thought it was 'ok' for RF falcon but weren't 100% as the legs look yellower...
  • Forum Thread: Mealy with a couple of Lesser Redpolls?

    I've very recently been getting five or so Redpolls visiting (West Berkshire). The one on the left looks a little different, is it?! I'd be really happy to have some clarification, thank you :)
  • Forum Thread: Little Brown Job?

    What bird is this? It popped onto my fence this evening, and I just had time to grab a photo before it flew away. I couldn't find a name with the online identifier.
  • Forum Thread: Some type of Finch??

    Hi, For the last couple of weeks we have a new Finch type, we think, on our feeders that we have not been seen before. Our search of books and the internet has left us unable to positively / confidentially ID it. A couple birdwatchers thought it could be lost Junco, but I am not sure because of the...
  • Forum Thread: Is this a ....Chiffchaff or Willow Warbler?

    Hello.....once again hoping to help identify subjects of my photography. I've had people mention that the difference between a Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler can be hard to pick out. From what I have learnt before I was suspecting that this shot is of a Chiffchaff....I was going by the fact it has...
  • Forum Thread: Bird of Prey but what is it, can you help

    I saw this bird flying around and it came to rest on trees at the back of my house. I am not a bird expert but looks like a bird of prey, any help with identifying it? Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Redpoll?

    Hello - and a plea for help! We've had loads of exciting feathered visitors to our garden over the last couple of months but can't decide what the little redheaded ones are (started with a loner and we've got 4 or 5 pairs now). Some sort of redpoll?
  • Forum Thread: Is this a......Dunnock?

    Hello.......with my hobby of photography I like to use it to learn about what I see and identify any birds. I believe this is a shot of a Dunnock but would appreciate confirmation. It was taken early October. Thank you, JB
  • Forum Thread: Is this a......Chiffchaff?

    Hello.......with my hobby of photography I like to use it to learn about what I see and identify any birds. I believe this is a shot of a Chiffchaff but would appreciate confirmation. It was taken early October with it feeding on berries in a tree. Thank you, JB.
  • Forum Thread: Bird Identification

    Hi......this is another shot I was hoping for clarification on in helping me identify subjects of my photography. It was taken in a farmland/nature reserve location at the beginning of October. I have been told that it might be a Reed Bunting but was hoping that someone would be able to confirm if this...
  • Forum Thread: Bird Identification

    Hi.....hoping people will be able to help me with some bird identification. I am an amateur photographer who is building in my photography of all things wildlife but am learning as I go along what it is that I've captured. This shot was taken in a farmland/reserve location at the beginning of October...
  • Forum Thread: Bird identification help

    Any suggestions what this is?
  • Forum Thread: Chiffchaff or..?

    Taken along a hedge path at RSPB Cliffe Pools, North Kent, this afternoon. Moments earlier I had heard the call of a chiffchaff, although this bird was quiet. Is it a chiffchaff or something else? Thanks for your help.
  • Forum Thread: Help Please

    Saw this at Minsmere on Saturday Night near to the East Hide, heard it singing and looked in the bush and there it was bold as brass...
  • Forum Thread: is this an albino Starling?

    hi all, i have a new comer to my garden and cant figure out what it is. my friend is telling me it is an albino Starling, but i wanted to see what other people think as we are novices on the bird watching front! I have several other pictures if this one is not helpful, including one of it sitting on...
  • Forum Thread: Crow or raven?

    On a walk recently I saw a large black bird perched at the top of a tree. It was throwing its head back and making a knocking sound or a 'quork' type sound. Was it a raven, or just a particularly big and noisy crow? There are pictures on my linked blog post as files are too large to attach....
  • Forum Thread: Red kite with red and yellow wing markings?

    Hi have just seen what I think is a red kite flying over the garden, however it has red on one wing and yellow on the other, is this common?