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  • Forum Thread: nightingale?

    Last week heard a bird singing a complicated song in woods on S side of Pontcysyllte Aquaduct nr Llangollen at 22.00. Checked nightingale song on RSPB website but unsure. Are they known in this area? Def not robin, dunnock, thrush or blackbird. Spadge
  • Forum Reply: Re: Cloud seeding and the effect on birds etc

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaPqCMIuEk4 This clip shows that the German media are investigating what appears to be military spraying of chemicals into our skies. This is what I was worried about!!
  • Forum Thread: Unrecognised bird

    I saw a bird, about the size of a greenfinch or goldfinch, feeding on nyjer seed in the tray beneath the f eeder. I am sure it was not a goldfinch (adult or juvenile) or a siskin, both of which I know well, because it had a red or pink patch at the top of its head, a pink or red top breast, creamy...
  • Forum Thread: Bird identification? Spotted in a Belfast back garden...

  • Forum Thread: Is this a pipit?

    Saw this bird on a rock on the Cornish coast. I am not sure what species it is. Any help please.
  • Forum Thread: Rare visitors to York yesterday?

    I've been attempting to identify the dozens of birds that were congregating in the trees in St. Sampson's Square, York, yesterday at around 4.30pm. I'm a member of the RSPB and have a reasonably good knowledge of birds but these weren't like any I've seen before. They aren't in...
  • Forum Thread: Very Scruffy Robin

    Hi I have a question regarding a robin that has made our garden his territory. He is by far and a way the scruffiest looking bird I have ever seen. He vaguely resembles a flying tennis ball and appears to be missing a large number of feathers from his head and neck. Apart from that, he seems healthy...
  • Forum Thread: Assistance Needed

    No more photos from the web now guys! (Sorry! Didn't have suitably un-blurred pics from my camera so improvised with th web. Won't do it again!) Anyways, I needed your help on distinguishing Buzzarrds from Hawks. How do you tell the difference? Any easy ways to do so? HK.
  • Forum Thread: Can anyone identify this watercolour?

    Hello, I have recently purchased this beautiful watercolour but not knowing too much about birds (sorry!) I am unable to identify it. I have been using my trusty The Birds of Britain and Europe book and the closest I have come to is a Goshawk but the eyestripe is wrong (and the white stripe to the...
  • Forum Thread: Bird of prey

    Hello anyone out there, First of all I am very new to tech stuff....it's my first time ever. I have to say, I do not even know how I arrived at this page other than to say I just kept pressing buttons. So if any one should answer my question please be patient I am a novice and OAP to boot. I also...
  • Forum Thread: IPhone bird app give away

    I've just received a mail from CleverMatrix stating they are giving away 50 IPhone 'Birds of Britain' apps, to the first 50 emails they receive all you need to do is email them at birdspromo@clevermatrix.com and the first 50 emails will receive a code to download the app for FREE! make that...
  • Forum Thread: seen on the Montgomery canal, Powys

    Last week (28th May) walking along towpath when a black & yellow bird flew from cover across the canal into trees on the far bank, it was larger than the goldfinches which we had seen earlier and much brighter! It was only in view for a few seconds but the impression was of wide black bars on a bright...
  • Forum Thread: Waxwings?

    Hello. I live on the edge of Bradford City Centre, & over the last few days I've been seeing a large flock of birds (possibly up to 100) flying around & also in a very large tree near my house. I can only see them in silhouette against the sky and at first I thought they were Starlings. They...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Wood Warbler

    We have a few chiffchaff s that over winter in the UK, any chance this could be a possibility?
  • Forum Reply: Re: Tawny owl

    You can have a look at the tawny owl here , there is also a sound file so you can listen to its distinctive call. Does that confirm it?
  • Forum Reply: Re: Wood Duck

    oldThingy Yes, they are one of my favourites. There used to be a few pairs on Southampton Common Cemetary Lake and I have seen them on the River Lee (E London) and some other canals around the country. The females, while still very attractive ar not as spectacular as the males. I took this picture...
  • Forum Thread: Unusual bird white head

    Have seen a bird with white head and brown body, about the size of a thrush. First spotted in a garden in our village then on a wall half a mile away a few weeks later. We live near farmland and open fields. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks.
  • Forum Thread: Whitey-the Blackbird

    Hi everyone I am new to the forums so please forgive any slips in this...my first post. I simply wanted to share with you all a photograph of a delightful little blackbird that likes to haunt the backyards of North Hykeham, Lincoln - He is know affectionately as Whitey due to his head area being white...
  • Forum Thread: Helmeted Guineafowl ?

    Anyone identify this bird, seen in a garden at Menston Yorkshire? dave
  • Forum Thread: Blackcap

    Hello - I have seen a male Blackcap on the fat block in our garden today for the second time. Never seen one here before!
  • Forum Thread: Trying to identify a bird.

    I've seen a bird feeding on the ground near my feeder twice that I don't recognise. I wondered if anyone might help me identify it. It's about the size of a sparrow but with a longer tail (probably 50% longer). Mainly its feathers are brown like a sparrow with two bright and vivid white...
  • Forum Thread: Skylark? Stonechat? ... erm.. ID's needed please! :)

    I've always said I'm pretty bad at identifying a lot of birds and the past few days have been no different! My friend and I have been on a couple of lovely walks on the Gower Peninsula this week and, as usual I had my camera ready to photograph whatever birds I could see. I saw lots of lovely...
  • Forum Thread: Can anyone please identify these 2 birds?

    Hiya. Just came back from a lovely week on the Sussex Coast. One one day my friend and I went for a walk through the beautiful Cuckmere Country Park (down towards the Seven Sisters Cliffs) and I noticed this bird on the grass, by the river. Anyone know what it is please? It seems to have Thrush like...
  • Forum Thread: compact cam take2.....nothing exciting i`m afraid :(

  • Forum Thread: just before i turned off....along came the redpolls and goldfinches xx

    i was ready to turn off my camera when i noticed these just starting to argue over the Niger feeder so i managed a couple of pics, please remember these are taken with a compact camera so the quality isn`t top notch but still decent i think xxxx