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  • Forum Thread: Whitey-the Blackbird

    Hi everyone I am new to the forums so please forgive any slips in this...my first post. I simply wanted to share with you all a photograph of a delightful little blackbird that likes to haunt the backyards of North Hykeham, Lincoln - He is know affectionately as Whitey due to his head area being white...
  • Forum Thread: 2 Birds in need of ID.

    Hello... I'm new to this game and know practically nothing about birds. I've spotted a couple of birds in my garden that I initially thought were sparrows (as we have loads of sparrows around, both House and the other one) but I'm not so sure after taking a photo or two. The first one...
  • Forum Reply: Re: ID 2 not so good shots

    Hi HM Interesting snaps, may i ask where they were taken location and habitat wise? Picture no.1 is confusing me as it looks like the raptor in question has a black tip to its tail, can you confirm that from your observations or is it a trick of the light? The second pic looks good for a peregrine...