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  • Forum Thread: ......But sometimes you do(-:).

    The only appointment I have had for anything lately was 0930 this morning - right bang in the middle of the sunny period(-:). By the time it was over and I finished off a few other things it was already getting grey and blowing an absolute gale. I first thought I would drop down to Slimbridge and then...
  • Forum Thread: Red Kites at Gigrin Farm Feeding Station.

    Having spent a nice weekend in North wales with mrs_bob on a non birding weekend ( apart from Chough at South Stack ) yesterday was time to return home. Surely no visit to Wales would be complete without a visit to the Red Kite feeding station at Gigrin Farm, especially as it is almost en route. So we...
  • Forum Thread: natural food advice??

    i am still happily feeding bird seed variations to my garden visitors but would like any advice on trying some natural foods? i have been given lots of ideas like bacon and meat roast fat strips, obviously bread and others.....anyone got anything they`ve tried and had luck with? someone recently told...
  • Forum Thread: camera opinion.....is this model any good?

    i`m considering the Fujifilm finepix S2000HD camera......is it any good does anyone know? or recommend another?
  • Blog Post: Could I have seen a bird of prey in the garden?

    We occasionally get queries about birds of prey venturing into gardens often resulting in rather stumped observers who did not expect to see such creatures at such close quarters. Here are just a few quick fire questions and answers that we often encounter about birds of prey in the garden. What was...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Red Kites in Aylesbury?

    Yo Pete and welcome to the RSPB Community The Chilterns was the site of the first and most successful Red Kite reintroduction project to date and they're spreading out slowly but surely. I'd be surprised if Kites weren't almost everyday birds in Aylesbury now (as they are in Reading, Didcot...
  • Forum Reply: Re: 3 large birds

    Hi Gill and welcome Even at a fair distance it's pretty straightforward to separate Buzzard, Red Kite and the other obvious possibility - Raven, Don't be shy about posting even a distant photo image. So long as the general shape is discernible someone will sort it for you. JBNTS
  • Forum Thread: this now lives in my garden which type of bird of prey is it, it has leather straps onits legs,do i feed it?

  • Forum Thread: Common Buzzard or Red Kite in the middle of Brixton Hill

    Hi everyone! This morning I woke up and while I was inspecting the weather outside my windows I saw a raptor landing over a feral pigeon while a big flock panicked around. I live in a 6th floor, so by the time I got my camera ready to shoot and some clothes over me; the raptor had disappeared from...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Red Kite

    Absolutely. Red Kites can be seen all over the Chilterns and are gently spreading outwards. They're now all over the Thames Valley too. You may have been looking at a Buzzard but I'd lay money on Red Kite. JBNTS