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  • Forum Thread: Deterring wild ducks whilst keeping my own fowl fed!!!!

    I have in my garden, roaming free, 2 geese, 2 hens and one guinea fowl. In early spring a wild duck nested on an island in garden pond and in early May hatched 9 ducklings. They are now a nuisance. I am feeding the 11 ducks (the mother, 9 hungry teenagers and a hanger on who has decided to ...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Ground feeding.

    Hi Owain21 - Basically, rats are attracted to food - any food. Food that is left out, and easily accessed, can and will be taken by rats. Rats move quickly and are excellent climbers and have no problem climbing vertical brick walls, fences or trees and bushes. They are mainly active at night and feed...
  • Forum Thread: ferral pigeon problem

    i regularly feed the wild birds in my garden but ferral pigeons eat the food as soon as i put it out and chase off all other birds and dive bomb my dog can any one help
  • Forum Reply: Re: RATS!

    In basic terms, rats are attracted to food. Any food that is left out, and easily accessed, can and will be taken by rats, thereby keeping the population fed and sustained. Rats can be a serious risk to health, especially to children. They can destroy and contaminate food stores and carry many forms...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Bird feeders attached to window, & kept free from Jackdaw and Collar Dove attack - PLEASE HELP!

    Many thanks for the suggestion, but alas I have to spend most of my life in this upstairs room, and really would like to see the birds I feed - hence the suction-cup window feeders. Someone suggested putting a wire cage over the window (!) which might be my only line of defence against these clever...
  • Forum Reply: Re: A little problem

    Hi Am, welcome to the community forum - you may be able to find the answer (or at least some helpful ideas) on this thread - http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/forums/p/4033/29129.aspx#29129 I hope that helps, all the best LRB
  • Forum Reply: Re: Oh dear- rats!!

    Hi Pipit - this is a fairly commonly asked query on the Community - you should get some good ideas from this thread - http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/forums/p/4033/29866.aspx#29866 Good luck! LRB