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  • Forum Thread: Hen Harrier?

    Saw what I identified as a Hen Harrier this afternoon, at Stocks Golf Club outside Albury, Herts. From a distance it looked like a pigeon, but it was unmistakeably a bird of prey, with a hooked beak. Thoughts?
  • Forum Thread: Can anyone identify this nest please?

    Found this nest, obviously unused, in a hedge about 1 m. above ground - because of its size, thought it must be a Goldcrest, but now not so sure. Any suggestions gratefully received, many thanks! Jono.
  • Forum Thread: What is this bird?

    This bird was sighted near Aviemore, it was quite nervous and only visited the one day and there was only one of them - have not seen this bird in the garden before. Your help with identification would be appreciated - could it be a redpoll or a rosefinch or something else? It is easily the size of...
  • Forum Thread: Help, is this a common sparrow ??

  • Forum Thread: An unexpected and unknown bird in Crystal Palace

    I was preparing to take a photo in Crystal Palace Park, south London - focussing on the reflections of the clouds in the water. Suddenly, a bird I had not previously noticed rose from just out of the shot and flew across the viewfinder. It was certainly not a common British bird - I pressed the shutter...
  • Forum Thread: Another ID Help please

    Hi all, First of all I want to say, I really am trying to ID the different species myself and have a number of resources. But in the end it just comes down to experience and there is so much of that on here. But I am trying! So here goes. My thoughts were maybe a Juvenile Whitethroat, or Juv. Greenfinch...