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  • Forum Thread: What bird is this please?

    Photographed yesterday afternoon, perched on a boat in High Wycombe, a very cold and icy afternoon, the bird was virtually motionless, just moving its head occasionally from side to side. It has a strange bill, turning up at the end. Its plumage is mostly coal colour but with a whitish chest. It is perhaps...
  • Forum Thread: Proably a stupid question but.......

    While cycling to work this morning I saw a group of female mallards on the canal with what appeared to be a male, but it was completely black with a white breast.......is this a colour variation or could it be another species of duck ? as i cycle the same route each day I shall attempt to get a picture...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Little Egret in Rutland???

    Today we saw an egret on the road between Caldecote and Northill, Bedfordshire. There was a ditch at the side of the road and he was obviously looking for food. I had no camera but have seen egrets on the R. Thames so am pretty sure that is what it was.
  • Forum Thread: Black Wheatear in the Basketball Arena, Olympic Park??

    Hello - I was lucky enough to have a ticket for the Paralympics on Saturday, and while sitting in the gods watching the wheelchair rugby in the basketball arena, a v interesting bird swooshed past - mainly dark, black brownish wings with a dramatically white rump. Bird had distinctive slightly curved...
  • Forum Thread: An unexpected and unknown bird in Crystal Palace

    I was preparing to take a photo in Crystal Palace Park, south London - focussing on the reflections of the clouds in the water. Suddenly, a bird I had not previously noticed rose from just out of the shot and flew across the viewfinder. It was certainly not a common British bird - I pressed the shutter...
  • Forum Thread: this now lives in my garden which type of bird of prey is it, it has leather straps onits legs,do i feed it?

  • Forum Thread: What's this bird - don't think it's a waxwing

    I have just seen a single bird calling continuously, occasionally stopping to take a snatch of leaves from the top tree branches of a silver birch and later a laburnum. 7.30am in Kirriemuir, a little town in Angus. My house is near fields and is next to a tree-lined park. The single bird was joined...
  • Forum Thread: Leucistic Canada Goose?

    The black tip on the bill suggests to me that this is a Canada Goose, but is it?