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  • Blog Post: And so the story begins

    With Mull Eagle Watch now in full swing, you'll be pleased to hear that Skye and Frisa are well and truly settled on their nest, and so far everything is looking good for them . Find out more on the Mull Eagles blog .
  • Blog Post: What's the story tammy norie?

    We're very excited to be able to bring you live images from a puffin , or 'tammy norie', borrow. The two cameras (one of which was very kindly donated by Wildlife Presenter Simon King) are set up around a puffin burrow at Sumburgh Head on Shetland, and already revealing all sorts of behaviour...
  • Blog Post: One puffin, two puffin, three puffin, four...

    Exciting news from our friends up in Shetland - the puffins are back! It started yesterday afternoon with just a handful of puffins sighted; then there were dozens, and by evening hundreds. Our Shetland date isn't open just yet, but Sumburgh Head nature reserve is open all year round for...
  • Blog Post: Two eggs!

    For anyone who missed the news - EJ and Odin now have two eggs. Check out the latest from the nest over on the Loch Garten osprey diary .
  • Blog Post: Milvus Milvus - such a fantastic bird, they named it twice...

    After the excitements of our hunting Peregrine pair last Saturday at the rock , my pulse had only just returned to normal on Monday, when a flying visit sent it rocketing skyward once again. Standing on the viewpoint at Monday lunchtime, something caught my eye circling high above the rock – a...
  • Blog Post: It's raining meat

    One visitor to the Galloway kite trail nearly got more than she bargained for over the weekend whilst watching a feeding frenzy of around 30 kites at the Bellymack Hill Farm kite feeding station. The woman and her family were chatting with one of our friendly RSPB staff about what the kites liked to...
  • Blog Post: Lovely Loch Lomond

    Stunning scenery, wonderful wildlife and a colourful carpet of wildflowers - Rita Gries tell us what's in store at our breathtaking Loch Lomond date with nature: "Nestled on the east shore of Loch Lomond, RSPB Inversnaid nature reserve is full of lush deciduous woodland, rugged moorland and...
  • Blog Post: Summer holidays over for Glasgow's swallows

    It's been a wet summer all across Scotland, but that didn't dampen the enthusiasm of John McGruther, who's been out and about in Glasgow's Pollok Park since June. Meeting loads of people in the park's visitor centre, John has had great fun giving everyone a special insight into...
  • Blog Post: Wet and wild

    Despite the wet and windy weather that the team have been experiencing at our Balranald date with nature, the team's spirits haven't been dampened. The arrival of the golden eagle chick has been keeping them smiling and from the photo below you can see why! Thanks to Nick Williamson for this...
  • Blog Post: Islay's winter stragglers

    Spring's late arrival has been playing havoc with migration all around the country over the past few weeks and it's meant some rather unusual (and rather spectacular!) sights at our Islay wildlife Date with Nature . Large flocks of geese are usually a winter spectacle, but a big flock of barnacle...
  • Blog Post: Bums on nests

    Posts on here have been rather sparse of late (sorry), but I hope that now spring is in full swing, and staff are out at sites across the UK , there will be lots of updates coming your way. You don't have to wait for me, though, to keep up with the action. Some bums are already firmly on nests...
  • Blog Post: Sad news from Aberfoyle

    Today we bring you some sad news - the Aberfoyle osprey nest has failed. The female stopped incubating her eggs just over a week ago, and they've now gone cold with no hope of hatching. We're not too sure why this happened, but it might have something to do with the weather. We are still...
  • Blog Post: Into the realm of the golden eagle

    It was Tuesday 24 April, a still and wonderfully sunny day. Four of us began at Kiloran Dunes and ventured up the track past the highest point on Colonsay, Carnan Eoin. The views looking down at Kiloran Bay were magnificent; egg yolk sands with dark blue sea. It is a steep climb at first, and the...
  • Blog Post: A walk on the wild side

    A good walk and the chance to enjoy Islay’s wildlife ? Yes please! Emily Platt, our communications officer over on the island, tells us about the new route that helps visitors explore the moors... "Starting off at our offices at Loch Gruinart reserve , we head out through a scrubby woodland...
  • Media: Red grouse

    taken on the road going past Loch Freuchie from Amulree! The only red grouse I've ever photographed! Also was thrilled to see some black grouse but they were only just visible with bins so no chance with a camera!!
  • Media: Eagle??

    I got this shot last September in Scotland, I thought it was a Golden Eagle, however someone has posted a comment on Flickr saying that they believe it is a juvenile Sea Eagle. Can anyone confirm which type it is please :)
  • Media: Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly.

    Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly taken in July in Inverness-shire
  • Media: Red squirrel - Sciurus vulgaris

    Taken October 2011 in Abernethy Forest during our Autumn Scotland trip.
  • Media: Crested Tit - Parus cristatus

    Taken last month on our Autumn trip to Scotland in Abernethy Forest.
  • Media: Panoramic view to Schiehallion

    and others from a viewpoint in Perthshire (south of Aberfeldy)
  • Media: Loch Rannoch

    one of the most beautiful locations in Scotland or even in the UK in my (humble) opinion!! May 09
  • Media: Winter Mantle On "The Ben"

    Looking across Loch Linnie towards Fort William and Ben Nevis.
  • Media: Beachcomber near Blackness Castle May 2011

    Strolling along beach after visiting Blackness Castle, Bo'ness, Scotland and spotted this cute wet dog!
  • Media: Loch Katrine in Scotland

    The photo was taken Oct 09, returning from walk around Loch Katrine at sunset
  • Media: The Falls of Foyes

    This was taken in 2004 of The Falls of Foyes a waterfall near to Loch Ness.