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RSPB competition prize-winners

Great spotted woodpecker at nest hole

Image: Tom Marshall

This is where we post the names of RSPB competition prize-winners, including the RSPB raffle winners. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who took part.

For weekly lottery winners, please see the link on the right of this page.

Acorn brewery competition

The winner of the naming competition for a bittern themed beer was David Woodhead from Sheffield with an old English name for bittern, 'Butter Bump'.

The runner up was Shaun Emson with the name 'Pride of Bittern'.  

LandLove magazine

Chris Cleave

Joanna Steffins

Gillian Davies

Dr M Malik

John Dean

Big Wild Sleepout raffle

The eight winners of our Big Wild Sleepout raffle are:

Mr EJ Hearn, Hitchin, Hertfordshire,
Mr J Clark, Leighton Buzzard,
Mrs Prior, Buntingford, Hertfordsshire,
Mr Renouf, Gillingham, Dorset,
Williams, Wallingford, Oxfordshire,
Betty Parker, Woodbridge, Suffolk,
Clare Hickson, Edinburgh,
Mr Hubbard, Lincoln,

Big Wild Sleepout competition - Twitter and Instagram

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition by posting photo's of their make shift shelters online, and congratulations to the winner! The prize is a camping kit worth over £400 courtesy of Blacks. The kit includes a 4 man tent, double air bed, 2 sleeping bags, a lantern and some RSPB goodies from our shop. 

The winner is:

Ian Pawson from Kent

The CLA Game Fair Woodland prize draw

Thanks to all of those who answered the three questions correctly on our stand at the Game Fair. Congratulations to our lucky winner who will receive some ‘Wildlife Friendly Charcoal’, produced sustainably at RSPB Wolves Wood, and a barbecue to go with it! 

The winner was:

Katy Robson from Wiltshire

RSPB Spring raffle winners

All names shown with ticket numbers. Drawn on 6 May 2015.

1st prize of £10,000 /Arctic Wildlife Cruise  - Mr Eastwood, Skipton, 1634163 
2nd prize of £2,500 / High quality binoculars and scopes - Mrs Medcalf, Berkhamsted, 133520329 5/20
3rd prize of £1,250 / Limited edition Morecroft vase - Mrs Tassell, Potters Bar, 1854231

50 Runners up, each winning £100

Mrs Gillian Dowman 1718516
Miss Alice McMillan 1036857
Mr Ian Loftus 862728
Dr William Erskine  359005
Mr William Bulled 673222
Mr T Holloway 450968
Mrs Elizabeth Hennessey 1051490
Mrs Joanna Barry 33394
Mrs P Bishop 876410
Mrs P Shatford 433609
Mrs Mavis McGowan 133562676 
Mr G R Deacon 987113
Mr G J Stevenson 370461
Mrs Catherine Buchanan 688467
Mrs Joyce Champion 961858
Mrs B Hester 1949469
Mr R J Hunt 827167
Ms P Griffin 1713269
Ms Deborah Christmas 133583165 
Mr Ian Osborne 249977
Mrs Sara Greenwood 1130866
Mr Graham Sweet 133562475 
Mr T Cross 1289437
Small 209990
Mrs V A Allen 439691
Mrs Judith Forster 1876090
Mr Brian Meeks 495786
Mrs P Bishop 851561
Mrs C A Thompson 2092674
Miss Michelle Cook 1175127
Mrs A Hornett 1114749
Mrs J L Gase 991102
Mrs A D Hill 893104
Mr Douglas Christie 763857
Mr G Previde  Massara 2051694
Mrs Sylvia McDermott 1911966
Mr K R V Sharp 1111878
Mrs Barbara Bailey 1515242
Mrs Mary Stiff 934903
Mr Michael Marshall 483931
Miss Norma Sacchetti 1654345
Mr R P Raisey 1038208
Mr T Rogers 615482
Miss Marguerite Wilkinson 1654012
Mrs Kiera Tunley 1030281
Mr Alex Alberga 955165
Mr Huw Jones 710490
Mrs Sandra  Jean Sturdy 611574
Ms Kim Benson 133619668


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