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Juvenile pied flycatcher

Image: Graham Catley

A large family worldwide, with several European but just two regular UK species, both migrants from Africa. 

They sit rather upright on short legs, have tapered tails, large eyes and shallow but broad bills, which help them catch flying insects. They are quite long-winged and agile in flight.

Pied flycatcher

The pied flycatcher is a small, flycatching bird, slightly smaller than a house sparrow. The male is mostly black on the upperparts and white underneath, with a bold white patch on the folded wing. Fe... More...

Pied flycatcher

Spotted flycatcher

At first glance, spotted flycatchers might seem dull brownish-grey and - well - a bit boring. It's better to think of them as beautiful in an understated way. Watch them for a short period and you'll ... More...

Spotted flycatcher