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Conservation status: Green

Collared doves are a pale, pinky-brown grey colour, with a distinctive black neck collar (as the name suggests). They have deep red eyes and reddish feet. Their monotonous cooing will be a familiar sound to many of you. Although you'll often see them on their own or in pairs, flocks may form where there is a lot of food available.



Latin name

Streptopelia decaocto


Pigeons and doves (Columbidae)

Where to see them

Just about anywhere, but often around towns and villages. They're common visitors to gardens. But collared doves only came to the UK in the 1950s, after a rapid spread across Europe from the Middle East.

When to see them

Any time of year.

What they eat

Seeds and grain.


EuropeUK breeding*UK wintering*UK passage*
-990,000 pairs--



In the UK
All UK


David Farrow, Xeno-canto

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