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Conservation status: Red

Blackbird-sized the male has an unmistakable bright yellow body with black wings. A secretive bird which keeps to the high tree canopy, it can be heard, most often at dawn, giving its distinctive fluting whistle. It flies rather like a thrush - slightly undulating.



Latin name

Oriolus oriolus


Orioles (Oriolidae)

Where to see them

Very secretive and difficult to see. May be encountered an migration on the south or east coast of England, but best looked for in the poplar plantations at the RSPB's Lakenheath reserve in Suffolk.

When to see them

It mainly arrives in mid May and stays until August. Best looked for at first light in a suitable breeding area, particularly large poplar plantations near water. Listening for the song, which can be heard from May to July, is the best way to locate them.

What they eat



EuropeUK breeding*UK wintering*UK passage*
-2-5 pairs-85 birds



In the UK
Southern and Eastern England


Mathias Ritschard, Xeno-canto

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