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Conservation status: Amber

The wood sandpiper is a medium-sized wading bird, with a fine straight bill, yellowish legs and a conspicuous long white stripe from the bill over the eye to the back of the neck. In flight, it shows no wing-stripes and a square white rump. A passage migrant in spring and autumn, breeding in Northern Europe and wintering in Africa; a few pairs breed in the Scottish Highlands. The flooding of some previously drained traditional marshes in Scotland may help this species in future.



Latin name

Tringa glareola


Sandpipers and allies (Scolopacidae)

Where to see them

Passage birds most commonly appear in southern and eastern England - a good place to look for them in spring and autumn is at RSPB coastal reserves in these areas.

When to see them

Late April to September

What they eat

Insects, worms, spiders, shellfish and small fish.


EuropeUK breeding*UK wintering*UK passage*
-11-27 pairs--




Niels Krabbe, Xeno-canto