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Take a closer look at the wildlife on your doorstep, and take part in the biggest wildlife survey in the world!

You can take part on your own or as a family, and you can even take part in your local park if you don't have a garden. To get involved, just pick an hour over the weekend of 24-25 January 2015 and tell us what you see. It couldn't be easier!

Like last year, when the Birdwatch kicks off you'll be able to use our online bird counting tool to record the birds as you see them directly on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Just start the timer and once your hour is up all you need do is press submit to send us your results.

You can, of course, still take part with pen and paper and then enter your results via computer in the usual way.

In January 2014, for the first time, you helped us get a UK wide picture of how some of our non-bird species are fairing too. Sadly only 3 percent of people regularly saw red squirrels in their gardens, compared to grey squirrels which were seen monthly in 73 per cent of people's green spaces. 

We're asking you to help us again by letting us know if you've seen badgers, hedgehogs and other creatures in your garden or local green space. 

Get your friends and family involved by telling everyone you're taking part and join the conversation using #birdwatch.

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