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Nature's Voice

Nature's voice podcast

Duration: 15 to 20 minutes

Love nature? You'll love Nature's Voice, our award-winning podcast. Each month we'll bring you features, interviews and news of birds and wildlife, from back gardens to the Sumatran rainforest. If you can't get enough, try dipping into our back catalogue. We'll take you soaring with birds of prey, look back over 30 years of Big Garden Birdwatch, offer wildlife gardening advice and hear from celebrity wildlife lovers like Bill Oddie and Kate Humble. To make sure you get each new edition as soon as it’s published, why not become a subscriber? It's free and simple!

Please note: As of Oct 2014 we are focusing our limited resources on producing podcasts with more of the stuff you - our listeners - enjoy. This means fewer podcasts will be produced so in some months no podcast will be published, but we hope to produce nine each year.

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Latest episode

A night time adventure and the Big Wild Sleep Out

Published: Thu, 30 Jun 201. File size: 22.2Mb.

This year’s Big Wild Sleepout is upon us and on this edition of Nature’s Voice we go on a night time adventure at RSPB Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve. We’re on the trail of moths and bats – creatures you may well hear in your own garden if you take part in the Big Wild Sleepout over the last weekend of July. Jane Markham also speaks to the RSPB’s Paul Birmingham about why it’s become such a popular event and why it’s so important to reconnect with nature.

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List of episodes

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  • Episode 100: A night time adventure and the Big Wild Sleep Out (Download)
  • Episode 99: A dawn chorus in spring (Download)
  • Episode 98: Big Garden Birdwatch Results 2016 (Download)
  • Episode 97: An action plan to save the hen harrier (Download)
  • Episode 96: Born to Be Wild (Download)
  • Episode 95: Working for nature from science to song (Download)
  • Episode 94: Big Schools Birdwatch at 15! (Download)
  • Episode 93: Nature of climate change (Download)
  • Episode 92: Response for Nature and online art in An Open Field (Download)
  • Episode 91: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project (Download)
  • Episode 90: Puffins in trouble (Download)
  • Episode 89: Protecting the laws that protect nature - why the Nature Directives matter (Download)
  • Episode 88: Birdwatching with Stornoway and Big Garden Birdwatch results (Download)
  • Episode 87: Somerset Cranes and Climate Change (Download)
  • Episode 86: Taking Big Garden Birdwatch selfies! (Download)
  • Episode 85: Autumn Arrivals (Download)
  • Episode 84: Nightingales under threat in Kent (Download)
  • Episode 83: Conference for Nature and introducing Vote for Bob (Download)
  • Episode 82: The hen harrier Skydancer project is up for an award (Download)
  • Episode 81: Doñana restored and the yellow spiky woodlouse (Download)
  • Episode 80: Sleeping wild in your garden and Springwatch at Minsmere (Download)
  • Episode 79: Frogs and toads the gardener's friends! (Download)
  • Episode 78: Birdwatch results and the plight of the kittiwake (Download)
  • Episode 77: Floods and Fashion Week Nestboxes (Download)
  • Episode 76: Big Garden Birdwatch Live! (Download)
  • Episode 75: Where have all the Turtle Doves gone? (Download)
  • Episode 74: Project Wild Thing (Download)
  • Episode 73: Miranda Krestovnikoff - the RSPB's new President (Download)
  • Episode 72: Birds Without Borders - the perils of migration (Download)
  • Episode 71: A Big Wild Sleepout to remember (Download)
  • Episode 70: Linda Barker plus the Big Wild Sleepout (Download)
  • Episode 69: Sir David Attenborough and Giving Nature a Home (Download)
  • Episode 68: The State of Nature Report (Download)
  • Episode 67: Summer migrants special (Download)
  • Episode 66: Big Garden Birdwatch results in a spring freeze (Download)
  • Episode 65: Create a home for wildlife (Download)
  • Episode 64: Big Garden Birdwatch - the teenage connection (Download)
  • Episode 63: Wildlife at Christmas (Download)
  • Episode 62: Mike Dilger's Wild Town (Download)
  • Episode 61: Connecting children with nature (Download)
  • Episode 60: Sarah Outen and the Albatross (Download)
  • Episode 59: Nature of Farming Awards - your vote counts (Download)
  • Episode 58: Rio Summit report and UK woodlands in decline (Download)
  • Episode 57: First catch your hippo! (Download)
  • Episode 56: Springwatch returns to RSPB Ynys-hir (Download)
  • Episode 55: A drought for all seasons (Download)
  • Episode 54: Where have all the starlings gone? (Download)
  • Episode 53: Thames Estuary airport threat (Download)
  • Episode 52: Big Garden Birdwatch 2012 (Download)
  • Episode 51: 2011 reviewed and riding the economic storm predicted for 2012 (Download)
  • Episode 50: Vultures, rain forests and solar panels (Download)
  • Episode 49: Come Dine with the birds! (Download)
  • Episode 48: Saving the spoon-billed sandpiper (Download)
  • Episode 47: Making Your Nature Count and seaside rock pools (Download)
  • Episode 46: The Nature of Farming Awards 2011 (Download)
  • Episode 45: Bempton Gannets and the Marine Wildlife Pledge (Download)
  • Episode 44: Springwatch's new home at RSPB Ynys-hir (Download)
  • Episode 43: Ospreys, Wood Ants and Smooth Snakes at Arne (Download)
  • Episode 42: Stepping Up For Nature and Big Garden Birdwatch Results (Download)
  • Episode 41: Curious courtships amongst the birds and the trees! (Download)
  • Episode 40: Big Garden Birdwatch 2011 - where will you be watching? (Download)
  • Episode 39: Bird is the Word and a mistletoe mystery (Download)
  • Episode 38: Sun bears in Harapan Rainforest (Download)
  • Episode 37: Government Cuts and the RSPB (Download)
  • Episode 36: Every Child Outdoors (Download)
  • Episode 35: Hope Farm and the Nature of Farming Award (Download)
  • Episode 34: Bill Oddie on Rainham Marshes plus protecting wildlife from budget cuts. (Download)
  • Episode 33: Volunteering Special (Download)
  • Episode 32: Springwatch 2010 (Download)
  • Episode 31: Nesting kestrels and polystyrene ospreys.. (Download)
  • Episode 30: Election Special (Download)
  • Episode 29: Birds of Prey Special (Download)
  • Episode 28: Little Schools join the Big Garden Birdwatch (Download)
  • Episode 27: Bill Bailey and a Letter to the Future (Download)
  • Episode 26: Climate Change - The Wave (Download)
  • Episode 25: Feed the Birds and at sea with killer whales (Download)
  • Episode 24: Saving special places (Download)
  • Episode 23: Crimson Wing - flamingos on film (Download)
  • Episode 22: Mike Dilger and Alison Steadman visit Minsmere (Download)
  • Episode 21: Stone curlews and cuckoos - the good and bad news (Download)
  • Episode 20: Swifts' late arrival and Make your nature count (Download)
  • Episode 19: A date with nature and a birds of prey update (Download)
  • Episode 18: Good news for the albatross and Big Garden Birdwatch results (Download)
  • Episode 17: Saltholme - a new reserve in an industrial landscape (Download)
  • Episode 16: Big Garden Birdwatch at 30! (Download)
  • Episode 15: A starling spectacular and dreaming of a green Christmas (Download)
  • Episode 14: Why city sparrows struggle for survival (Download)
  • Episode 13: Bird feeding tips for the credit crunch (Download)
  • Episode 12: Nesting hornbills in Sumatra and discovering the UK's lowland heaths (Download)
  • Episode 11: New families for orphaned peregrine chicks and great grassland reserves. (Download)
  • Episode 10: The case against Biofuels and where to spot a puffin (Download)
  • Episode 9: How a new whisky will help the Black Grouse and RSPB reserves near cities (Download)
  • Episode 8: Birds of prey - the good news, Bill Oddie and the Loch Garten ospreys (Download)
  • Episode 7: India's vultures on the edge of extinction and UK egg thief is jailed (Download)
  • Episode 6: Big Garden Birdwatch results and a new RSPB centre for Wales (Download)
  • Episode 5: Skylarks and stone curlews at risk (Download)
  • Episode 4: Big Garden Birdwatch 2008 (Download)
  • Episode 3: Successes and Challenges - the RSPB's Chief Executive looks back at 2007 (Download)
  • Episode 2: Lake Natron flamingo threat (Download)
  • Episode 1: Homes for Wildlife (Download)

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