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Results 2015

The results in photos

Here's what made the top 10 this year:

Over 90,000 pupils and teachers braved the cold and took part in counting the birds in their school grounds for an hour during the first half-term of 2015. Thank you!

We’re really glad you took part and hope you enjoyed being involved in the world’s biggest wildlife survey. As a thank you, every school, class and club that submitted their results has received their very own Big Schools’ Birdwatch certificate and a ‘What lives in your pond?’ poster packed with fascinating facts about the aquatic wonders that dwell beneath the surface.

Good signs for house sparrows

Blackbird have, for the seventh year running, retained their place as the most abundant bird recorded through Big Schools’ Birdwatch. Not only that, they have increased in abundance from an average of approximately five birds being seen per school last year to almost seven birds seen per school this year!

Starlings have held on to second place, on average, across the UK and have kept their spot as the most recorded bird in Northern Irish schools. Third place, however, has for the first time in Big Schools’ Birdwatch history been taken over by house sparrows! 

“House sparrows declined by 71 per cent between 1977 and 2008 and seeing them take third place in Big Schools’ Birdwatch really shows the value that school grounds, parks and gardens have for this species.” - James Harding-Morris, Big Schools’ Birdwatch Co-ordinator

Find out more about the results by downloading the spreadsheets from this page. Please note that results are only produced for counties with responses from more than 10 schools. The UK top 25 list also has the top 25 from 2014 for easy comparison.

Got the wildlife bug?

Now that you’ve taken part in the Big Schools’ Birdwatch, maybe you’ve caught the wildlife bug? Do you feed the birds in your grounds regularly? Have a wildlife garden? Or a compost heap? All of these things can help to give nature a home and count towards the RSPB’s Wildlife Action Awards. Completing just two more activities could earn you the Bronze award!

The scheme is all about discovering wildlife, doing practical things to help and rewarding positive action. There are three levels of the awards to work through – Bronze, Silver and Gold – and our specially-designed booklet makes it easy to take part. Each pupil, class or year group will receive awards for the actions they take. To find out more or get involved, head to

Showcase your school

National and local media are always looking for good news stories to help promote Big Schools' Birdwatch.

So whether you've been involved from the very beginning, transformed your school into a wildlife haven, or love thinking up new Birdwatch activities for your class, we'd love to hear from you.

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