We're tracking two osprey chicks as they migrate to Africa for the first time from their nest at Loch Garten in the Scottish Highlands. Follow the highs and lows of their journey right here.


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The RSPB at Abernethy National Nature Reserve, situated in the Cairngorms National Park, is grateful to BG-Group and Cairngorms LEADER + for their support for this project. The RSPB Loch Garten Osprey Tracking Programme has been generously funded by The Baxters Foundation, Fochabers, Moray.

Satellite tracking map

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Follow the journey of these ospreys in more detail by downloading their satellite data for your copy of Google Earth.

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The RSPB's Richard Thaxton and volunteer Clare Wordley delight in the magnificent ospreys that have been returning to Loch Garten since 1959.

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