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Trailer for Born to fly

  • Duration: 2 minutes
  • Released: 2011

Cranes are among the most ancient of birds and undertake great migrations every year. We've never truly understood the way these amazing travellers live - until now.

Watch this trailer for our latest film, which follows the European crane - one of the world's highest-flying birds - on its epic journey south. The film follows the crane as it travels from the Arctic, across Europe to the sun-drenched oak woodlands of Spain and Portugal.

This is the incredible story of an intelligent bird, a born survivor, with an uncanny ability to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Extinct in the UK for over 400 years, the crane's recent return to British shores is a symbol of hope for all concerned about the natural world.

Born to fly is available from the RSPB online shop and our nature reserve shops.


CameraToby Hough
EditorDavid Badger
WriterJo Stewart-Smith
Co-producerNick Upton
ProducerMark Percival