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Henderson Island Restoration Project

  • Duration: 7 minutes
  • Released: 2012

Henderson Island is a small raised coral atoll lying in the middle of the South Pacific. It is one of the UK’s 14 UK Overseas Territories, and one of the remotest places on Earth. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once home to millions of seabirds and with several endemic species, it is a rare example of a near pristine island ecosystem of immense value to wildlife. After years of preparation, in 2011 an expedition was launched to attempt to clear the island of introduced pacific rats that have devastated populations of breeding seabirds and landbirds on the island. This is the story of how this ground-breaking conservation work was achieved.

The Henderson Island Restoration Project is a partnership between the RSPB and the Pitcairn Islands Government. It is supported by Dr. Mike Brooke, University of Cambridge, The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Forest & Bird, BirdLife International, Island Conservation, Eco-Oceania pty, Tamarack Ventures: Pathfinder Aviation and Heli-Otago.


ArchiveRat and Henderson petrel chick-feeding shots courtesy of Alve Henricson
EditorDavid Badger
SoundNeil Hipkiss & Nigel Tucker
ProducerMark Percival