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Take part in our Climate Action Awards!

Climate Action Awards logo

Image: The RSPB

You can do your bit to help combat climate change. That's what our Climate Action Awards are all about.

So why not send off for your free copy of the Climate Action Award Booklet and get started today by clicking on the link to the right and downloading the form?

The booklet is full of fun ideas for helping to save the planet. You need to do six out of 11 activities (four if you are under eight years old), then tell us which ones you did by filling in one of the entry forms and sending it to us using the address on the form. 

You can also download extra forms to print out from the link on the right-hand side.

We will send you some cool stickers and a certificate. The best bit is that you can then pass on your booklet to a friend to use as well!

It’s true - just one little action makes a world of difference.