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Being environmentally friendly

Children riding mountain bikes

Image: Andy Hay

How we live our lives affects wildlife. We turn on a tap and the water that gushes out may have been taken from a marshy place, making it just that little bit drier and less suitable for wading birds.

If we throw away a tin can instead of recycling it, more metal needs to be mined, perhaps eventually destroying a wildlife habitat.

When you switch on a light, the electricity may come from a coal-burning power station, which releases gases into the air that contribute to global warming – the biggest threat faced by wildlife in the future.

We can help wildlife by being more environmentally friendly in the way we live our lives – using fewer resources and less energy.

Using the link, you can download one of the activities that will help you to be environmentally friendly. This is an example so you can see the type of task you might choose to do.

Would you like to find out all the activities you could do and take part in the awards? Click the How to take part link to find out.