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Top things to do in Spring

  1. Spot the frogspawn in the ponds and listen for the love 'song' of the males in the evening
  2. Listen out for the scratchy, watery song of the Dartford warblers, squabbling over territories
  3. Walk your dog on a short lead, for the sake of the ground-nesting birds

Top things to do in Summer

  1. Count the species of dragonflies and damselflies - you might run out of fingers!
  2. Take a walk at dusk to listen to the nightjars, alone or guided by our staff and volunteers
  3. Try to find a sundew in flower - they are tiny and like the wet places

Top things to do in Autumn

  1. Decide exactly what shade of mauve/purple/violet the heather really is!
  2. See if you can spot a young hobby, learning to hunt and eating a dragonfly like a Crunchie bar
  3. Pick up the East Devon Way at Joney's Cross car park and follow this long-distance footpath south towards Exmouth or east to Lyme Regis

Top things to do in Winter

  1. Don’t be spooked when a snipe pops into the air from close under your feet!
  2. Enjoy the undulating landscape on a wintry walk
  3. Get out your mountain bike and work off the winter blues, exploring the whole pebblebed ridge on the network of cycle tracks

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  • Adder
  • The Exmoors
  • The Dartmoors
  • the galloways
  • Stonechat male
  • Stonechat female
  • Great Grey Shrike
  • dartford warbler

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