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Star species

Our star species are some of the most interesting birds you may see on your visit to the reserve.

Bean goose

Arguably the reserve's most special birds, bean geese come here every winter from their breeding grounds in Sweden. This area is the only regular wintering ground for the species in the UK.

Bean goose - race rossicus 'tundra'


Watch the nesting lapwings here chasing predators that may come too close to their nests or show too much of an interest in their chicks. The protective parents regularly give chase to crows and do not stop their 'mobbing' attacks until the danger has passed.



Rooks are sociable birds that nest in colonies and also roost together. In autumn and winter, they gather here with jackdaws to form impressive flocks of tens of thousands of birds.

Rook - adult


Look for tiny teals among the wintering wildfowl on the lagoon. They gather here in large numbers to feed on seeds floating on the water.

Teal - male


Wigeons arrive at Buckenham in autumn. You can watch large flocks grazing on vegetation here until the following spring when they depart for northern Europe to breed.

Wigeon - male

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