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Abernethy feeder live video

What am I looking at?

Feeders attracting red squirrels, hordes of coal tits, plus occasional crested tits, great spotted woodpeckers and other wild Scottish woodland birds. Keep an eye out for the warden filling up the feeders! You could even see a pine marten - their droppings have been found at the foot of the tree.

Where is it?

RSPB Abernethy Forest nature reserve


  • In the UK, crested tits are confined to Scotland's Caledonian pine forests
  • Red squirrels are now found only in a few isolated pockets of the UK. You might see them chasing each other up and down the tree
  • Sometimes, blue and great tits at the feeder are far outnumbered by coal tits. You can identify them by the white stripes on their necks

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