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Wildlife awards

Loch Gruinart is one of the best places for wildlife in the UK.

Top things to do in Spring

  1. Breeding birds begin displaying and calling - look for hen harriers, skylarks, lapwings and snipe. From the hides watch the 'mad March hares' boxing, and for tiny young roe deer hiding in the long grass
  2. From mid-May, corncrakes arrive from Africa and start calling. Why not join one of our evening walks to hear them? You could even see one!
  3. You can see our new lambs and calves

Top things to do in Summer

  1. Join us on our guided walks through woodland and moorland to see the variety of species on the reserve
  2. Hen harriers are seen hunting over the moorland by day, while corncrakes can be heard calling all night
  3. Watch out for otters playing in the flooded pools and ditches

Top things to do in Autumn

  1. Thousands of barnacle and white-fronted geese arrive from Greenland to winter on the reserve
  2. Listen from the viewing platform for roaring red deer stags during their rut
  3. Search through the spectacular autumn migration from our hides for whooper swans, waders like ruffs and knots, and ducks like pintails and shovelers. In the fields, watch for redwings and fieldfares in huge flocks

Top things to do in Winter

  1. Make the best of the short days. Come and watch the amazing dawn departure of thousands of geese from their roost on the reserve. Enjoy a hot drink in our warm visitor centre afterwards
  2. Look for both golden and white-tailed eagles as they hunt among their 'buffet' of geese
  3. Dunlins, godwits, turnstones and redshanks are some of the waders found on the reserve

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Map of Loch Gruinart and The Oa

Map of Loch Gruinart and The Oa

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Date: 4 April 2014


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