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Star species

Our star species are some of the most interesting birds you may see on your visit to the reserve.


Curlews are large, brown wading birds with very long, curved bills. In spring, you can hear their gorgeous, 'bubbling' song.



Pintails flock to the flooded wetlands here in spring to breed. Look out for the elegant males and their amazing long tails.

Pintail - male


Keep an eye out for the redshanks' towering display flights over the wet meadows in spring. They are sometimes known as 'the sentinel of the marshes' for their noisy habit of drawing attention to predators.

Redshank - non-breeding plumage


Shovelers are regular breeding birds here, but can also be seen in winter. Watch them using their beaks like sieves to sift out microscopic aquatic life from the water.

Shoveler - male

Whooper swan

Whooper swans arrive here in late autumn from Iceland where they spend the summer.

Whooper swan - adult

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  • Grid reference: HY483178
  • Nearest town: Kirkwall, Mainland, Orkney
  • County: Orkney
  • Country: Scotland

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