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Seasonal highlights

Each season brings a different experience at our nature reserves. In spring, the air is filled with birdsong as they compete to establish territories and attract a mate. In summer, look out for young birds making their first venture into the outside world. Autumn brings large movements of migrating birds - some heading south to a warmer climate, others seeking refuge in the UK from the cold Arctic winter. In winter, look out for large flocks of birds gathering to feed, or flying at dusk to form large roosts to keep warm.


Peregrines, choughs, ravens and seabirds nesting on the cliffs. Breeding wheatears, stonechats, meadow pipits and skylarks. Cliff flowers carpet the sheltered slopes in pink, blue and yellow. Look out too for unusual spring migrants passing through.

ChoughLapwingPeregrine - adult Raven


Seabird colonies are in full swing: guillemots and razorbills are on the ledges until mid-July. Kittiwakes and fulmars stay into August. Look for fledging birds, including peregrines, buzzards, choughs and wheatears. The heathland blooms in August, a carpet of pink, purple and yellow.

Fulmar - adultGuillemotKittiwake - adultRazorbill - breeding plumage


This is the breeding season for grey seals. Look and listen for the females and their white fur-clad pups on the beaches, and spot the large dark-skinned males patrolling just off shore. Look out for choughs, ravens and peregrines and for unusual migrants passing through.

ChoughPeregrine - adult Raven


We're closed from November to the end of March.

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Ramsey Island is home to a wealth of wildlife. Please help us safeguard this spectacular island reserve by donating and becoming a Friend of Ramsey.

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Where is it?

  • Lat/lng: 51.86456,-5.33335
  • Grid reference: SM706237
  • Nearest town: St David's, Pembrokeshire
  • County: Pembrokeshire
  • Country: Wales

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