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Shorne Marshes

Lapwing - adult female in breeding habitat pasture

Image: Andy Hay

Here you will find coastal grazing marsh, saltmarsh and mudflats. There are always many birds to see with breeding, passage and wintering waterfowl, wintering raptors and farmland birds. Access is along the Saxon Shore Way footpath or the Sustrans cycle path.

Where is Shorne Marshes?

Important note

This site is one of several that due to its size, location and/or conservation sensitivity is not capable of accommodating large numbers of visitors (unless stated).

Where possible, we have indicated the nearest equivalent RSPB nature reserve suitable for visiting. If you require further information, please use the contact details provided.

This does not affect any statutory rights of access under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act or Land Reform (Scotland) Act legislation.

For more information

South East Regional Office

Telephone:01273 775333

1st Floor, Pavilion View
19 New Road
East Sussex

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