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From mid July to end of November, our flock of sheep graze the mountain as part of our close shepherding project. During this time, we will be moving the sheep along the roads and around the reserve between 9am and 10am and 4pm and 5pm on weekdays. During this time we might have to slow down traffic. Thank you for your patience in this.

Top things to do in Spring

  1. Marvel at the seabirds crammed on the narrow ledges
  2. Immerse yourself in the floral display
  3. Seek out spatulate fleawort - a plant that grows nowhere else in the world!

Top things to do in Summer

  1. Search for puffins amongst the busy seabird colony
  2. Watch out for choughs busily gathering food for their growing young
  3. Catch a glimpse of silver-studded-blue butterflies as they flutter low over the heath

Top things to do in Autumn

  1. Be bowled over by the acrobatics of the noisy families of choughs
  2. Admire the heathland, ablaze with purple and yellow flowers
  3. Keep an eye out for porpoises and gannets feeding in tidal races

Top things to do in Winter

  1. Keep a close eye on the roving flocks of starlings - the resident peregrines certainly will and you might be lucky and witness an attack
  2. Look out for roving flocks of choughs
  3. Flying pigs? No, just ravens calling during their tumbling displays

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We haven't got any events planned here at the moment. Check out our main events pages to find something up your street (or at least quite near to it).

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  • Dodder Flower
  • Dodder

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Map of South Stack Cliffs

Map of South Stack Cliffs

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Date: 22 June 2011


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