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Lodge wind turbine

In 2016 we built a wind turbine on a field adjacent to our headquarters at The Lodge near Sandy, Bedfordshire.

We believe that renewable energy is an essential tool in the fight against climate change, which poses the single biggest threat to the long-term survival of birds and wildlife. 

Current science suggests that by 2100, one sixth of all species could face extinction unless there is extensive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to campaigning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and significantly reducing our energy consumption by making energy savings across the society, we are committed to reducing our own carbon footprint by generating our energy needs from renewable sources.

The turbine measures 100 m at its highest point and should produce over 50% of the RSPB's total UK electricity needs across 127 sites. It provides a direct supply of green electricity to RSPB headquarters at The Lodge.

We built the turbine in partnership with green energy company Ecotricity.

Planning and Construction

Ecotricity, in partnership with the RSPB, conducted assessments over three years on all aspects of the wind turbine proposal and how it could affect the surrounding area. These assessments analysed potential impacts that include landscape and visual amenity, cultural heritage, ecology, ornithology, hydrology, noise, transport and access, and shadow flicker. 

We completed sufficient research to confirm that Sandy Ridge is a suitable site for a single wind turbine and submitted full results of our environmental assessments alongside our application to Central Bedfordshire Council in August 2013. 

Planning permission was granted in April 2014. The turbine was constructed and became fully operational in February 2016.

Benefits to the RSPB and the environment

A wind turbine at our UK headquarters is one of the biggest steps we have taken to meet our carbon emission reduction targets and help to save nature for future generations. 

We know that with the right design and location wind turbines have little or no impact on wildlife. We hope that by siting a wind turbine at our UK headquarters, we will demonstrate to others that with a thorough environmental assessment and the right planning and design, renewable energy and a healthy, thriving environment can go hand in hand.

For more information on the project, please read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

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