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Recent sightings

  • 20 November 2014

    November 20th 2014 - Today's highlights

    There was no sign of the little auk on the tidal pool this morning so hopefully it managed to make its way back to see overnight

    Hen harrier - the stunning male was still present on the reserve today

    Snow bunting - 1 west over the fresh marsh mid afternoon

    Yellow legged gull - 1 roosting on fresh marsh

    Sandwich tern - 1 still offshore

    Spotted redshank - 3 on fresh marsh

    Red breasted merganser - 70 offshore this morning

    Dark bellied brent geese - good numbers have been around already this winter. They are spending most of their time in the surrounding fields but do come in to roost of the lagoons. Over 800 were seen today

    Woodcock - 2 birds were seen in flight around the Meadow Trail today

    Stonechat - 3 wintering birds on the grazing meadow

    Posted by Paul Eele

  • 19 November 2014

    November 19th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Little auk - 1 on beach early morning then on saltmarsh before rescued and put onto the tidal pool where is was seen fishing and preening until dusk. The bird was in good condition and carrying plenty of fat.

    Little auk rescued from the saltmarsh today

    Richards pipit - 1 east over the tidal pool @ 11:30 while looking for the little auk

    Rough legged buzzard - 1 in/off sea @ 13:00 and flew west towards Thornham

    Spotted redshank - 2 on tidal pool

    Red necked grebe - 1 offshore

    Yellow legged gull - adult roosting on fresh marsh late afternoon

    Mediterranean gull - 1 roosting on fresh marsh

    Chiffchaff - singles in the willow scrub behind Island Hide and along the Meadow Trail

    Eider - 7 offshore

    Common buzzard - at least 3 birds east over the reserve

    Avocet - 3 on fresh marsh

    Red crested pochard - 4 on the grazing meadow pool 

    Posted by Paul Eele

  • 18 November 2014

    November 18th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Lapland bunting - 1 west along beach @ 07:10

    Peregrine - 1 hunting offshore and caught what was probably a little auk!

    Shag - 1 offshore, an under recorded species at Titchwell 

    Hen harrier - stunning male hunting over the saltmarsh throughout the day.

    Arctic skua - 1 offshore

    Red necked grebe - 2 offshore

    Spotted redshank - 2 on fresh marsh

    Snow bunting - 26 west towards Thornham Point

    Short eared owl - 1 in off the sea towards Brancaster and was later seen over the saltmarsh

    Velvet scoter - 7 offshore

    Posted by Paul Eele

  • 15 November 2014

    November 15th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Bit of a dank dreary day but on the plus side there were loads of birds about. The fresh marsh was covered in roosting waders at first light with 960 lapwing and 105 ruff present. Both excellent counts for these species.

    Hen harrier - male in/off sea mid afternoon

    Slavonian grebe - 1 offshore

    Long tailed duck - drake offshore

    Great northern diver - 1 offshore

    Lapland bunting - 1 west over Volunteer Marsh mid morning

    Peregrine - juv male sat in dead trees this afternoon

    Spotted redshank - 3 on fresh marsh

    Water rail - at least 4 birds seen on the fresh marsh today

    Twite - 5 birds feeding on the beach with 15 linnets this morning

    Stonechat - pair on the grazing meadow

    Posted by Paul Eele

  • 14 November 2014

    November 14th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Despite the nasty wet weather this morning it turned out to be a nice afternoon with a good selection of birds.

    Long tailed duck - 2 drakes still offshore

    Red necked grebe - 1 offshore

    Yellow legged gull - adult roosting on fresh marsh

    Little gull - 26 offshore

    Sandwich tern - still 5 offshore. Its is getting late in the the year now for this species!

    Spotted redshank - 3 on fresh marsh

    Avocet - 3 on fresh marsh

    Mistle thrush - 1 flying south over the reedbed

    Posted by Paul Eele

  • 13 November 2014

    November 13th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Red necked grebe - 1 offshore

    Little gull - 1 offshore

    Chiffchaff - 1 on Meadow Trail

    Spotted redshank - 2 on fresh marsh

    Large numbers of teal and wigeon on the fresh marsh again this afternoon

    Avocet - 3 on fresh marsh

    Eider - female offshore

    Posted by Paul Eele

  • 12 November 2014

    November 12th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Red necked grebe - 1 offshore

    Long tailed duck - 2 drakes offshore

    Great skua - 1 offshore

    Twite - 30 on Volunteer marsh

    Greenshank - 3 on tidal pool

    Sandwich tern - 1 fishing offshore today

    Chiffchaff - 2 feeding in willow bushes near Island Hide

    Jack snipe - 1 flushed off the fresh marsh while management work was taking place

    Stonechat - female on fresh marsh

    Velvet scoter - drake in flight distantly offshore with common scoter

    Spotted redshank - 2 on saltmarsh

    Posted by Paul Eele

  • 11 November 2014

    November 11th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Common crane - 1 west over the reserve @ 13:50 then back east @ 14:15

    Rough legged buzzard - following several sightings over the last week I finally caught up with one this morning with a single east over the reserve @ 09:10

    Purple sandpiper - 1 on beach towards Brancaster

    Twite - 20 on saltmarsh

    Slavonian grebe - 3 offshore

    Red necked grebe - 1 offshore

    Long tailed duck - 2 drakes offshore

    Sandwich tern - 3 still present offshore today

    Snow bunting - 23 on beach although mobile

    Brambling - at least one on the feeders today

    Posted by Paul Eele

  • 10 November 2014

    November 10th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Long tailed duck - 2 offshore

    Slavonian grebe - 1 offshore

    Twite - 3 on fresh marsh. It sounds like it have been a good breeding season this year so hopefully there will be good numbers about as it get colder. If you see any birds with colour rings on their legs, please can you report them to the visitor centre

    Snow bunting - 12 on beach

    Spotted redshank - 6 on fresh marsh

    Sandwich tern - 3 late birds still present fishing offshore. They can also be seen roosting on the beach at low tide towards Brancaster

    Little gull - 1 adult on fresh marsh

    Kingfisher - 2 fishing on the tidal pool

    Good numbers of birds were recorded over the weekend on our monthly wildfowl and wader count. Yesterday, 1248 teal, 70 pintail, 450 golden plover and 770 lapwing were counted on the fresh marsh. In the evening, 22 marsh harriers were seen coming in to roost in the reedbed!


    Posted by Paul Eele

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Grid reference: TF7543 (+2km)

Rough-legged Buzzard (1)
19 Nov 2014
Richard's Pipit (1)
19 Nov 2014
Pink-footed Goose (40)
20 Nov 2014
Red-breasted Merganser (20)
20 Nov 2014
Marsh Harrier (1)
20 Nov 2014
Water Rail (2)
20 Nov 2014
Avocet (3)
20 Nov 2014
Black-tailed Godwit (8)
20 Nov 2014
Bar-tailed Godwit (18)
20 Nov 2014
Ruff (2)
20 Nov 2014

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