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Star species

Our star species are some of the most interesting birds you may see on your visit to the reserve.

Marsh harrier

Look for marsh harriers gliding over the reedbed with their wings held upwards in a shallow 'v'. In spring, pairs perform their breathtaking 'skydancing' displays high in the sky.

Marsh harrier - male


Keep your eyes peeled for bitterns making short, low flights over the freshwater reedbed. You may be lucky enough to find one fishing on the edge of a channel. In late winter and spring, listen out for the mating call: a deep, resonant 'boom'.


Bearded tit

You will often hear bearded tits before you see them. Listen for their bell-like 'pinging' calls, then watch them whizzing across the tops of the reeds. They perch up on the stems in calm weather and feed on fallen seeds on the mud at the base of the reeds.

Male bearded tit


Watch elegant avocets 'scooping up' microscopic, aquatic life in their amazing, sickle shaped beaks. They nest in mini colonies on the islands of the brackish marsh.



You can see redshanks wading in fresh and salt water throughout the year at Titchwell. Watch for their towering display flights over the saltmarsh as you walk along the main path in spring.

Redshank - non-breeding plumage

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