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Love nature? Visit the RSPB

Our reserves are wonderful places to get closer to the natural world.

As well as beautiful birds, you'll find fascinating flowers, graceful deer, delicate damselflies and stately trees, to name but a few...

Kids love playing outside - our reserves are safe, fun places for them to do that.

We run lots of child-friendly activities and events, from pond-dipping to face-painting and nestbox-building.

Come along and see what's on offer.

Being outside in the fresh air is good for you!

Gentle exercise - like walking - is good for the body, but enjoying nature is good for the soul, too.

Get away from the stresses of everyday life by taking a stroll.

From towering cliffs to boggy marshland, we have more than 200 nature reserves scattered around the country - find out where your nearest one is.

Or, if you're going on holiday soon, don't forget to check which ones will be nearby!

We have reserves across the UK which are great places for school visits. Escape the classroom and see the natural world for real!

Our qualified field teachers are waiting to meet you.

There's an RSPB reserve for everyone. Some enjoy the buzz of our busier reserves. But if you prefer to be in solitude, at one with nature, we've got lots of best-kept secret places for you.

Come and see our reserves in splendid landscapes around the UK...from big skies and grassy meadows in the Broads, to jawdropping mountain scenery in the Highlands.

The perfect place to enjoy the natural world.

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Feeding flock of barnacle geese, RSPB Loch Gruinart reserve, Islay

Gaggling geese

Explore a reserve near you this autumn and see colourful ducks, noisy geese and majestic swans.


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