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Watching wildlife

Get closer to nature at our watching wildlife events and enjoy the sights, sounds (and sometimes even smell) of not just birds, but bats, butterflies, plants and even moths. Watching wildlife events cover a range of experiences from our Date With Nature events to boat trips, insect trapping and bat detecting. With some of the these events you will spend some of the time indoors learning about the creatures, before going out to find them.

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We found 310 watching wildlife events happening between 28 August 2014 and 28 August 2015.


Friday 29 August

Bat and Moth Night


Gazing at Gannets at Bempton Cliffs

East Riding of Yorkshire

Gazing at Gannets at Bempton Cliffs

East Riding of Yorkshire

Saturday 30 August

Moth Morning

Dumfries and Galloway

Bat and Moth Night


Gazing at Gannets at Bempton Cliffs

East Riding of Yorkshire

Sunday 31 August


Greater London

Gazing at Gannets at Bempton Cliffs

East Riding of Yorkshire


Monday 1 September

Tuesday 2 September

Wednesday 3 September

Thursday 4 September

Mocha and Moths

Dumfries and Galloway

Bat walk


Friday 5 September

Saturday 6 September

Doors Open Day


Sunday 7 September

Monday 8 September

Tuesday 9 September

Wednesday 10 September

Thursday 11 September

Friday 12 September

Bat Night


Saturday 13 September

Lady and the Trap


Sunday 14 September

Pagham Harbour

Greater London

Meet a Mammal

West Midlands

Bug Hunt


Trevose Head


Monday 15 September

Tuesday 16 September

Wednesday 17 September

Thursday 18 September

Mocha and Moths

Dumfries and Galloway

Friday 19 September

Saturday 20 September

Sunday 21 September

Monday 22 September

Tuesday 23 September

Wednesday 24 September

Thursday 25 September

Friday 26 September

Saturday 27 September

Sunday 28 September

Oare Marshes

Greater London

Monday 29 September

Tuesday 30 September


Wednesday 1 October

Thursday 2 October

Friday 3 October

Saturday 4 October


West Sussex

Camael Trail


Sunday 5 October

Monday 6 October

Tuesday 7 October

Wednesday 8 October

Thursday 9 October

Friday 10 October

Saturday 11 October

Fairy Ring


Sunday 12 October

Farlington Marshes

Greater London

Monday 13 October

Tuesday 14 October

Wednesday 15 October

Thursday 16 October

Friday 17 October

Saturday 18 October

Sunday 19 October

Monday 20 October

Tuesday 21 October

Wednesday 22 October

Thursday 23 October

Friday 24 October

Saturday 25 October

Sunday 26 October

Thorney Island

Greater London

Monday 27 October

Wednesday 29 October

Thursday 30 October

Friday 31 October


Saturday 1 November

Wednesday 5 November

Friday 7 November

Saturday 8 November

Highland fling


Winter Arrivals

North Lanarkshire

Sunday 9 November

Titchfield Haven

Greater London

Wednesday 12 November

Saturday 15 November

Sunday 16 November

Saturday 22 November

Sunday 23 November


Greater London

Loch Leven

South Lanarkshire

Saturday 29 November

Sunday 30 November

Morning walk

West Midlands


Saturday 6 December

Sunday 7 December

Tuesday 9 December

Thursday 11 December

Saturday 13 December

Sunday 14 December

Monday 15 December

Wednesday 17 December

Saturday 20 December


Friday 9 January

Sunday 11 January

Tuesday 13 January

Friday 16 January

Saturday 17 January

Sunday 18 January

Monday 19 January

Sunday 25 January

Friday 30 January

Saturday 31 January


Sunday 1 February

Monday 2 February

Friday 6 February

Sunday 8 February

RSPB Saltholme

North Yorkshire

Sunday 15 February

Saturday 21 February

Sunday 22 February


Sunday 1 March

Sunday 8 March

Saturday 14 March

Sunday 29 March


Saturday 11 April

Sunday 12 April

Sunday 26 April


Friday 8 May

Saturday 30 May


Monday 1 June

Sunday 14 June


Saturday 4 July

Monday 6 July


Sunday 9 August

Thursday 20 August

Sunday 23 August