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Sustainable development

We've always believed in sustainable development.

A better planet for wildlife will be a better planet for people, too. We want a world where biodiversity loss is reversed and where our actions help to ensure the sustainable management of the planet's resources.

Such a world would provide future generations with clean air and water, a stable climate, thriving wildlife and a robust, diversified and sustainable economy. Any economic strategy which fails to protect the natural environment and ensure that we live within environmental limits fails to fully address our well-being and compromises future generations.

This is the message that those that first coined the term 'sustainable development' were trying to get across and it is particularly pertinent in the context of the current financial crisis.

Ultimately, we want and need decision-makers to think and act with nature in mind.

Is the UK living within sustainable limits?

Living within environmental limits is core to sustainable development. These pages review the performance of the various UK administrations. More...

Is the UK living within sustainable limits?

Progress around the UK

This section highlights the progress that the UK Government and devolved administrations have made to put sustainable development at the heart of decision-making. Areas where improvements can be made are also identified. More...

Progress around the UK